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Seamus Heaney “A Drink of Water”

Seamus Heaney’s poem “A drink of water” is about an old woman that was close to her death also she stays in the country which is a very small population. Her home was almost in the middle of nowhere. She stayed alone with her dog. The dog was gray and possibly old, she and her dog go to the lake every day to get water; Not only for her but her dog too. And they repeat that process like every other day.

Heaney was one of the good poets in the late twentieth century. Using language that ranges from, and good mixes, sexual metaphor and natural imagery, Heaney define Irish life as it contains to the past. He got a award for Nobel Prize for literature in 1995, which the Swedish Academy noted in its press release.

Heaney was born in 1939 in Mossbawn , Country Derry, Ireland. Heaney was the oldest out of nine children; he was raised as Roman Catholic and grew up in the rural environment of his father farm. He received a Scholarship and began studying at Saint Columba’s College in North Ireland and also attended Queen’s University in Belfast. At Queen University he became familiar with a lot of forms of Irish, English, and American literature. Then Heaney began continuing poetry to university literary magazines. Upon graduating, he focus more of his career on both is writing and a career in education. Heaney first collection he published was, Death of a Naturalist in 1996; it quickly got him notices as a writer of significance.

In 1953, his family moved to bellaghy which is now the family home. His father Patrick Heamey was the eight child out of ten to James and Sarah Heaney. Seamey father was a farmer that was really commented to cattle dealing, which was shown by the uncles that cared for him after the death of his own parents. Heaney’s mother, Margaret Kathleen McCann who was born as the ninth child came from McCann family who uncles that was employed in a local linen mill, also whose aunt that worker as a maid for mill owner family.

Heaney was able to use his literary works to give voice to his social media. Heaney had a conflict with Catholic and Protestant that really concerned him in 1969 over religion and national autonomy. Heaney had a lot of violence, which reflected his poetry and his feelings on the causes and effects of the upheaval. In 1972 he moved out of Belfast, his work continued to mostly relevant to the conflict. A moment in the 1970’s he started to write fulltime, also in 1975 he returned to teaching as head of the English Department at Cary Fort College in Dublin. Between 1980s and the...

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