A Biblical Scapegoat Allusion. About My Best Friend And I. English Essay

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My heart pained as I looked in my bestfriend’s once twinkling hazel eyes that were now hollow and dull. Why were those coal colored eyes filled with hatred? I felt like a pariah but I was standing next to the person who knew me best. Why was I blamed for everything she caused? I'm a scapegoat for her many sins. I suppose I did not release I was her dumping bag, and perhaps that's my fault. Her gaze barely met mine, and avoided my yearning one. An awkward silence graced over us like the uninvited friend at a birthday party.
“Do you even care anymore?” I barely audible questioned.
“Be more specific, I don't care about a lot of things lately.” she said with contempt.
“About us, you and I.” I inquire.
I was merely shrugged off and I could not help but notice how the the small pebbles in the concrete glistened in the sunlight. I stared at my fidgety feet unfamiliar with the icy judgmental dagars burning into my skin. I finally summoned up the courage to meet her stare, but regretted it as soon my green eyes met her dark ones. All hope was lost in the sea of her vindictive eyes. Hope that we once shared. Flashbacks of always being blamed for her wrong doings hit me like a ton of bricks.
“There is my ride, I will see you tomorrow.” she said dryly.
“Okay” I said, a word I found myself saying a lot recently.
Her short black hair swayed back and forth in the wind as she walked away. With a glance back at our friendship, she shut the car door of her mom’s black subaru behind her. I let my thoughts swarm in my engrossed mind before I mustered up the strength to walk to my car. And I could not help but think what I did...

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