A Change Of Course (Boys Vs. Girls In Sports)

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Girls versus boys. Since childhood this has been the largest competitive issue, and remains to be, especially in regards to high school athletic programs. This past summer it has come to the attention of Michigan communities that girl athletes are not receiving the same opportunity for recognition and scholarships as their fellow male athletes, due to nontraditional scheduling by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). Michigan communities for Equity believes that this form of scheduling is a violation of the fourteenth amendment, "which prohibits gender-based discrimination in federally funded education programs." The current schedule for girls basketball and swimming and diving season is in the fall rather than the winter as the remaining states. This may not seem to be a problem in the view of some but after reviewing the facts it shows this style of scheduling is a kind of discrimination towards woman athletes. One good reason the girls athletic schedule should be changed to correspond with the male athletes schedule is because girl athletes do not collect the earned recognition they truly deserve. First, the girls athletic seasons are restricted up to three weeks, with a reduction of training and opportunities to further develop their skills. Secondly, their chances to participate in any recognized tournaments and or exhibitions are withheld due to the fact that these tournaments and exhibitions are scheduled outside of the girls athletic schedule. During these tournaments and exhibitions is the time when any recruiters will evaluate and recruit the top players. If for some reason a girl athlete should participate in these types of events, which is very unlikely, the girl loses any momentum of physical training she accomplished during her season during the time lapse. Another good reason the girl athletic schedule should be approved to be consistent with the male athletic schedule would be because girl athletes miss an opportunity for college scholarships. The explanation for this is that most colleges have a registration date that occurs earlier than the girls...

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