A Bioethical Decision Essay

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Nathaniel Wu, a talented and dedicated microbiologist, should be hired for the Intercontinental Pharmaceutical Company (ICP) under certain conditions. Wu, who was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, was seen as the ideal candidate for the employment position the IPC was offering until this inconvenience was unveiled. To offer Wu employment unconditionally is extremely risky for the medical costs and equipment damages he can bring to the company can be devastating; to deny Wu employment entirely is a violation of bioethics and discrimination, for he was already offered the job position conditionally before taking medical tests. By offering Wu employment under certain conditions, Wu can be part of the IPC and have him employment terminated as soon as his condition begins interfering with his work quality.
If Nathaniel Wu did not have the allele for Huntington’s disease, he would undeniably be the perfect scientist for the position in the eyes of the IPC. Wu is a 30-year-old microbiologist at one if the best research laboratories worldwide. After a series of interviews, the IPC was convinced his determination was not only factor that qualified him more in comparison to the other candidates; they realized that his potential “[is] likely to result in the type of discoveries for new drugs and treatments,” a goal that has not been reached since Dr. Peters’s incident. Wu is also known as a creative researcher and a hard worker, meaning that hiring him will likely result in a dramatic increase of earnings for the IPC. Considering that Huntington’s disease will most likely deteriorate Wu’s abilities, many may argue that it is not worthwhile to hire Wu; it is foreseen that the symptoms of Huntington’s disease begin to appear as soon as the mid thirties, meaning that Wu would have to make significant achievements in his period of employment before the sickness impairs his abilities. This is true, however, with limitations, Wu can be hired until his sickness interferes with his work and an understudy can learn from Wu during the time to be ready to replace Wu after Huntington’s overpowers him.
The biggest concern for the IPC is financial. If Wu is hired, the company can advance with its projects and new developments can replenish the lost profit, however, when Huntington’s disease prevents Wu from being able to work, the company will have to replace Wu and pay for his “extremely costly” medication. On the other hand, by not hiring Wu, the...

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