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Only 1,000 to 3,000 people world wide acquire the Bubonic plague disease a year. Not many people die from the disease because of the vaccination doctors have discovered. In 1347 the Bubonic plague was much more severe. Wiping out more than 7,500 people a day, the disease was a massive monster (Black Death). Karl, the younger son of a petty noble, was a young adult living in the height of the Bubonic plague. Karl's life, most likely, will consist of him either dying in the Bubonic plague, or miraculously living. If he chooses to follow the path of becoming a monk, the death rate was higher because of the infected people fleeing to the monastery for help. If he choose not to become a monk and remained with his noble family, he could have more easily isolated himself as protection.

Life in the 1300's was a difficult time for childbirth. Having babies in the Middle Ages was dangerous for both the mothers and the babies. “Childbirth in the Middle Ages was considered so deadly that the Church told pregnant women to prepare their shrouds and confess their sins in case of death (Morton). About 20 percent of women and 5 percent of babies died during childbirth. An additional 10 percent to 12 percent died during the first month. Healthy children were highly valued during this time (Nobles). Karl was born into a noble family, but it was unusual that he survived. Not only being unusual, but, he had older siblings. In 1329, there were no records of plagues or massive death rates. Most likely, Karl would have grown up a healthy child if he survived childbirth.

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Once past childbirth, noble children would have had a more refined day than peasant children. Their days might have begun by waking up at dawn, heading to mass, and daily prayers. Seeing how nobles did not have to do any heavy labor, there was no need for breakfast. Nobles normally had two meals a day, a large meal at around noon and then again in the evening. If born in poverty, people most likely would have had breakfast, but it would have been a small one because of minimal money. Their daily life would have consisted of difficult labor such as reaping, sowing, plowing, threshing, and hedging. Once they were finished at dusk, they would have repaired their own tools and ate a small dinner (Daily Life). Karl, being born into a noble family, would have most likely grown up in a cultured atmosphere.

“Life was viewed as a sequence of stages—“the ages of man.” Infancy up to the age of 7 was viewed as a time of growth, childhood from 7 to 14 as one of play, and adolescence from 14 onwards as one of physical, intellectual, and sexual development”(Orme). Therefore, around the age of 14, Karl, being from a noble family, most likely began his education. In the middle ages only around 5% of the population knew how to read or write. Normally, only the sons from wealthy families would attend schools (Simkin). After this he could have been sent to another nobles family to...

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