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A Biography Of Robert Frost Including His Decendence. Education, And Information About His Family. This Essay Covers Frost's Life From Childhood To Death.

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Robert Lee Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874. His father, William Prescott Frost, was a native of New England, and his mother, Isabelle Moodie Frost, was a Scotswoman who emigrated from Edinburgh. She went to school in Columbus, Ohio, and became a schoolteacher. Isabelle and William met while teaching in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Robert Frost was named, by his father, after the South's distinguished general, Robert E. Lee.Frost descended from a puritanic line from Maine and New Hampshire farmers, Revolutionary war soldiers, and public servants. William Frost hated New England and only stayed there until he graduated from Harvard College, with honors, in 1872. Afterwards, he headed to Pennsylvania where he met his wife and they moved on to the Golden Gate City.William Prescott Frost died of tuberculosis, in 1885, in San Francisco, when Robert was only eleven years old. In his will William left a request that his remains be taken back to his homeland, New England, for burial. Frost, his mother, and sister, Jeanie, traveled across the continent to New England. The family settled in Salem, New Hampshire because they didn't have enough money to travel back home. While in Salem, Mrs. Frost made a living as a grammar school teacher which her children attended.Frost disliked studying and didn't read by himself until twelve years old suddenly became interested in learning while at high school. Frost attended Lawerence High School where he graduated as valedictorian and class poet in 1892. Then he enrolled at Dartmouth College, as freshmen but soon left insisting that he had had enough of scholarship.After leaving college, Frost tried various different ways to earn a living. He worked in mills in Lawerence, was a newspaper reporter, and taught school. Frost sold his first poem, The Butterfly to a literary magazine, the New York Independent in 1894.Frost married Elinor White in 1895 and tried to settle down and start teaching school. He spent two years helping his mother run a small private school. Then he spent two years at Harvard as a special student hoping to teach college subjects. Then in 1899, because of health problems, Frost tried to make a living...

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1503 words - 6 pages teacher at Cedar Key School he was able to see people in space.Frost was born in San Francisco , California on March 26, 1874 (Frost, Robert 23). When Robert Frost was eleven, his father, William Prescott Frost, a journalist, died from tuberculosis. After the death of William Frost, his wife, Isabelle Moodie Frost packed up her family and moved for the first time to the town were her parents lived. Frost's senior year in high school was spent working

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919 words - 4 pages Robert Frost was one of the greatest poets of the modern writers' era. His life during childhood was not always easy; nor was his life easy in adulthood when he had his own family to provide for. However, through his works and accomplishments in life, Robert Frost has shown many people what life is truly like. (A little help on the intro please.)Childhood was not as easy for Robert Frost as it is for most children. Frost was born on March 26

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793 words - 3 pages at the inauguration of a president, for president John F. Kennedy, where he cited "The Gift Outright". Kennedy was a great friend to Frost, fond of each other's style and messages to people. (4)Even with all the problems in his personal life, with two of his children dying at a very young age. Having to commit his daughter to a mental hospital, and the death of his wife, Robert Frost continued to write about "common people" problems. This helps

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