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A Biography on Anne BoleynAlthough Anne Boleyn was queen of England for only three years, she played a major role throughout the Renaissance. Mother to Elizabeth I, she has been well-known for her political influence in England.Anne's date of birth varies widely. Some articles claim she was born in 1502 or 1503, while others believe she was born as late as 1512-which would make her a little older than eleven when the King of England first beheld her and fell in love with Anne. At any rate, Anne was born into the Boleyn family most probably at Blickling Hall in Norfolk. Her father, Sir Thomas Boleyn-husband to the Duke of Norfolk's daughter, Elizabeth Howard-was fairly well-off in their time. All three of their children-Mary, Anne, and George-were given a wonderful education. Anne, especially, was very bright, even as a little girl she was able to learn extremely quick. Although not much is known about Anne's childhood, it is said she was born with a sixth finger and a huge mole on the side of her neck-two signs of witchcraft, and many people throughout her time believed her to worship the devil.She is first publicly mentioned as an attendant lady accompanying Mary Tudor, the King's sister, when she set off to France in 1514 to marry Louis XII. Many documents believe for a few years Anne stayed with Queen Claude, wife of Francis I. Queen Claude was a very pious woman, as most people were in that time, and it was thought of as a great honor to stay with her. However, "as a daughter of a mere knight, Anne's status was low in a place where rank was of paramount importance". (Noah Loft) Again, there is not much that anyone knows about Anne's stay with the Queen, except that a boy, not older than twenty perhaps, fell in love with Anne; and Anne in turn, fell in love with him. He was Lord Harry Alergnon Percy, heir to the Earl of Northumberland. He was rich and his inheritance would be great. But there was another man who had had his eye on Anne. When Henry VIII, King of England, heard about Harry's love for Anne, he ordered Harry from his court. Harry was furious and caused such an uproar that both, he and Anne were sent away. Anne was outraged at Harry and blamed her banishment from court completely on him.Again, Anne fades away into the pages of history for a while. Many say only that her parents were extremely disappointed-not only in Anne, but her sister, Mary, as well. They had brought her up as a proper young woman, but instead, she had become Henry VIII mistress for a short time before marrying a man of even less rank than herself. For many more months, Anne and her family continued to live at Hever Castle, until one day, Henry VIII journeyed, himself alone, to Sir Thomas' castle.Henry actually had had a happy marriage to Katherine De Aragon, and his marriage probably would have never been questioned if it weren't for Anne. However, Katherine had only produced one heir-a baby girl-and had had six miscarriages if not more. He thought it only...

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