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Timothy FindleyTimothy Findley was born October 30th, 1930 in Toronto, Ontario. He was the second of three sons to Allan Gilmour Findley, stockbroker and investment counselor and Margaret Maude Findley (nee Bull). Findley's marriage to actress and photographer Janet Reid in 1959 lasted until divorce two years later. (Toy 258) While completing his novel The Last of the Crazy People in 1963, Findley met William Whitehead and to date lives with him at Stone Orchard, a farm near Cannington Ontario. Findley's own exploration of his sexuality gives the novels, books, and plays he writes a personal touch of discovery whether it be sexual or spiritual. Even though persecuted by democrats for his homosexuality and lifestyle, Findley understands his reader's feelings and suits his novels towards these controversial subjects. Findley's body of work has brought him both critical and popular acclaim.Timothy Findley started writing when he was in his late teens. "At that time I had glandular fever," he told C.C.A, "I was in bed for the whole of one winter and did little more than sleep, wake up, eat, and go back to sleep." (Lang and Galens 134) When Findley wasn't sleeping he wrote "a kind of modern day romance." In 1946 his Secondary education resumed with a private tutor, who focused on English and History. After a trip to Europe in 1950 Findley returned to Canada and started his acting with Earle Grey Shakespeare Company, performing at Trinity College in Toronto, ON. Three years later, a friend named Alec Guiness encouraged him to go to London to pursue acting. From 1954-56 Findley was a contract player with H.M. Tennent of London. Findley tried out acting but instead decided to return to Toronto Ontario two years later. By 1963 Findley's fame had already started with his work for CBC writing short stories for television and radio.Findley's serious writings began almost a decade after recovering from glandular fever, starting with a short story titled About Effie (1956). It was while performing in the London cast of The Matchmaker that he first met the actress Ruth Gordon and the writer Thornton Wilder. Both suggested to Findley that perhaps literature, not theatre, was his natural milieu. (Toy 258)John F. Hulcoop writes in Canadian Literature, "His work compels the critic to recover his senses (see more, hear more) by making direct appeals to the viewer-listener-reader through sight, sound and style: these are what force us to pay attention - to look and listen and mark his words" (Lang and Galens 134) Following the short story About Effie, was his first publication The Last of the Crazy People...

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