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Famous for being one of the few people to greatly influence the twentieth century, Henry Ford was an innovator with a vision for the future. With his astounding work on transforming the automobile from just a simple invention into a great innovation that people to this day still buy and use, he shaped the twentieth century to a great extent. He was an American industrialist who founded the Ford Motor Company in the early nineteen hundreds. Ever since Ford was a young boy he has always seemed to have an interest in machines. He loved to tamper with machinery and other simple mechanisms. His first job was in a machine shop in Detroit which inspired him to experiment with machines and learn how they work. He learned to fix things like watches by trial-and-error and no matter what he did not give up when trying to learn how to fix things. He was one determined young man who worked hard and turned out to be a great leader with a very creative and imaginative mind. By teaching himself how to put a simple wrist watch together, he was able to use his newly found knowledge to move on to designing machines such as full sized steam engines. A few men who ran the steam engines helped to expand Ford’s knowledge of the engines by teaching him how they operated.
Born on his father’s farm in Greenfield Township, which is known today as Dearborn, Michigan on July 30th in 1893, Ford grew up helping his father work on his farm. Ford would have worked as a farmer his whole life just as his father did if it were not for his interest and fascination in machines. He followed his dreams and started working as an apprentice at the Michigan Car Company in Detroit in his young adult years. This machine shop built and sold railroad cars which was a different branch of technology that Ford was not used to. Although, Ford learned the ropes fairly quickly just as he did while working at his other jobs. Later after his job in the Detroit machine shop, he worked part time at the Westinghouse Engine Company. He was employed at several different places that allowed him to work with a variety of machines and other mechanisms. Working with different types of machinery such as railroad cars and steam engines helped him to gain experience in the field of mechanics which helped him to construct automobiles later on in his career.
In the year of 1882, Henry Ford traveled back to his home in Dearborn, Michigan to operate steam engines and also to sell timber that he cut down from his father’s land. This was a step up for Ford because he was making a living on his own instead of working for someone like in his previous jobs. He had always been an apprentice or employee, working for companies and factories. Although those jobs have helped him get to where he was at that point in his life, working on his own was a rewarding time in his life. It may have been a challenge for him sometimes but he always worked really hard and it was always worth it. He loved...

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