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James Earl Carter Jr. the thirty ninth president of the United States was born in Plains (Georgia) on October 1st 1924(1). He was the son of James Carter and Miz Lillian. In 1927 his family moved to the small town of Archery, close to Plains, where he lived until the age of 17.Carter began his military career in June of 1943 enrolling in the Naval Academy of United States. He attended Georgia Southwestern College and the Georgia Institute of technology, he received a B.S. degree from the United States Naval Academy(2). In 1946 he served as officer and that same year he got married with Rosalynn Smith. Rosalynn was three years younger than Jimmy and it was the second time he had proposed to her. The first time he proposed she refused. Carter finally managed to convince her and they married on July of 1946.They went on to having three sons which were John Williams, James Earl III and Amy Lynn. He went on to work on submarines from fleets of the Atlantic and Pacific. For his excellent work he was selected by Admiral Rickover for the US Navy's nuclear submarine program in 1952(2). Rickover is regarded in history as the father of nuclear navy, he was a intense but hard working man. Rickover liked to push around young officers like Carter. ButCarter always saw it on the bright side "I think, second to my own father, Rickover had more effect on my life than any other man," he said. He worked for eleven months until his father's death. After that, he resigned from the Navy to work on the farm business of peanuts of his family in Georgia. His first years as farmer were difficult but after hard work it became productive. In his home he teached on Sunday to people who wanted to know more about the religion. Carter began to participate more in the town's issues. He began to participate in local board meetings(3).In Georgia, Carter became an important businessman, well-known as tolerant in racial topics. He was elected senator for his state in 1962 and reelected two years later; he worked without much success as governor of Georgia in 1966, charge that he got in 1971 through 1975(3). He was able to be elected by using some dirty tactics. His campaign managers printed thousands of photographs of his competition which was an ex-governor named Carl Sanders. In this photographs they claimed that Sanders was in favor of desegregation. The people believed what the photographs said and it turned the election in favor of Carter. Carter however in a speech after his election he announced that the state will not permit segregation. Georgia being a southern state were not caring of the blacks. Carter'a prestige was damaged because he tricked people into voting for him and betrayed the people after that. He run for reelection in 1975 but lost(2).Before he finished his legislature as governor, Carter had decided to run for the presidency. After intense initial battles, he overcame the problems of being an unknown candidate of the Deep South and in 1976 he got the...

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