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A Biography On King David. Essay

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DavidAs a child David lived on his father's farm near Bethlehem where he was the youngest of eight children. He served his family as a shepherd showing great courage against a bear and a lion, and at an early age he was selected by God to follow Saul in the throne. He fights and kills Goliath and shortly thereafter he is forced to flee for his life. He runs from Saul and when he gets the opportunity to kill him he spares him twice. After the death of Saul he becomes King and under him Jerusalem is captured and set aside for the capitol where the ark is then brought. He also expanded Israel's borders substantially. Unfortunately his life is not characterized by just good he also lusted after another mans wife and committed adultery with her. He then called for her husband to get him to sleep with her so that their child would seem to be his, however Uriah was loyal to his men and would not share the bed with her. After that David sent Uriah back with a message to leave him on the front line and withdraw ensuring that he would die. After this the prophet Nathan came to him and he repented and was forgiven. Eventually his son Absalom rebelled and took the throne from David who then took it back. In his last days he appointed his son Solomon of Bathsheba to the throne.There are a few similarities between David and I that I see. The most obvious one is that his life and mine are both characterized by periods of sin and repentance. Another similarity is that he was very honest about what he had done even when there were tremendous consequences. I like to think that I am similar to him in the way he succeeded at...

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