A Biography On The Life And Influence Of Mark Twain

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Born in 1835, Samuel Langhorn Clemens, better known by his pen name of Mark Twain, is one of the most famous American writers of all time. After the early death of Twain's father, the young Twain found work as a printer for his brother's newspaper [Kaplan 24]. It was here that the young writer began writing stories and developing the sly voice that would distinguish his later work.Feeling himself drawn to the south, Twain began working on a steamboat, an experience that would form the basis for his literary adventures set in the American South. This career came to an end abruptly however with The Civil War and the installation of the American railroad system [Kaplan 49]. After going out west and working in the frontier, Twain began writing in earnest.His most popular book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn now stands as a primary example of the "the American novel" and indeed most American authors look to him as the formative voice in American literature. It is hard to imagine what shape American prose might have taken had it not been for Twain's influence at that particular time, but regardless, his shadow is still felt even in the 21st century among young authors. After writing many acclaimed classics and working regular as a humorist and commentator on the era in which he lived, Twain died in 1910 [ Powers 6].His journey was not so easy though. Before California, Twain's humorous writing was malicious. He enjoyed offending the sensibilities of "proper society," and used his sarcastic writing style to do so. His reputation in Virginia City suffered. In his letters, he experimented with colloquial first person narratives. He used these characters to separate the vulgarities in his writing from himself. His narrators were older, more experienced working class people, far removed from Eastern social graces. Twain wrote their language as he heard it. He ignored the rules of English and wrote phonetically, as this was the only way to express dialect [Kaplan 120]. Twain eventually wore out his welcome in Virginia City. An ongoing war of words with the editor of a rival paper got out of hand and after challenging the man to a duel, a felony in Nevada, Twain left for California with two of his coworkers [Powers 31]. Writing in Virginia City gave Twain the chance to sharpen his wit and taught him the boundaries between humor and offense, but it did not launch him as a national celebrity to freely publish to his heart's desire.Twain learned to temper his writing when the need arose, and wrote journalistically for a few California papers. His reputation in California grew from these less offensive articles. At the same time, Twain created a character called "The Unreliable," whose disrespectful antics allowed Twain to satirize gentle society, but without direct attribution to himself. The Unreliable was in reality Twain's unregulated side.In San Francisco, inspired by the scandals, corruption, and injustices Twain began to publish again with his...

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1532 words - 6 pages ,” was yelled when the water was deep enough for a river boat to safely travel (Official Web Site of Mark Twain Biography, 1). Samuel’s days as a riverboat captain were cut short by the start of the American Civil War in 1861. The river traffic on the Mississippi was halted by the war, causing Clemens to find work elsewhere. Inspired by the memory of the slaves on his uncle’s farm and the spirit of the times, Sam joined a volunteer Confederate

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1169 words - 5 pages iron and always eager to deflate the pretentious (attempting to impress by affecting greater importance.) Mark Twain began to gain fame when his story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calavaras County” appeared in the New York Saturday Press on November 18, 1865. For the next seventeen years (1874-1891), Samuel completed some of his most famous books such as, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Life on the Mississippi” which captured both of

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1102 words - 5 pages went by lots and lots people knew about the humorist writer Mark Twain. After really long time, he move back to Redding, Connecticut, where he died on April 21, 1910. Reaction: The poem shows us an overview of a famous writer of American at that time, Sammy, who was also known as Mark Twain. Throughout the stories of the life of a really naughty kid, the author also give us lots of things to learn. For example, although Sammy was a really naughty

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2119 words - 8 pages starting to grow a conscience. At the end you see his conscience about to be fully grown, when he feels bad about deceiving Aunt Sally into thinking that he is Tom. Another time at night, while Huck and Tom sat up watching when Jim was being kept they saw, " The old king was in the middle of his cavortings on the stage; then somebody give a signal, and the house rose up and went for them. (Twain p364)." He feels bad for the King and the Dauphin

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2892 words - 12 pages Biography of Mark Twain Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 under the name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens as “the sixth living child of John and Jane Clemens” in the town of Florida, Monroe County, Missouri (Cox 7). While there his father operated a general store and tried fruitlessly to create an invention to bring him riches. Therefore, before long, the store failed and John Clemens moved the family to Hannibal, Missouri which Mark Twain

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1449 words - 6 pages The Life and Work of Mark Twain Mark Twain, the pen name created by Samuel Langhorn Clemens, once stated that “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and the lightening bug” (Smith). This quote fits Twain superbly because he is considered to be the first purely American writer to exist, using humorous lines and local language. Unfortunately, he spent a large portion of his life, which

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706 words - 3 pages Mark Twain, originally born as Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was the sixth child of a family of eight. Born to John and Jane Clemens on November 30, 1835, Twain was born in the small town of Florida, Missouri. At the age of four, Mark Twain and his family then relocated to Hannibal in the hope of drastically improving their living conditions. He later died of heart disease in Redding, Connecticut on April 21,1910. By lineage, Twain was of Southern

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2125 words - 9 pages ).Whispering to his daughter Clara, Mark Twain left the world saying "Good-by. If we meet...." and then he was gone from his life. Ironically coming into the world and leaving both during Haley's comet shows the fascinating and captivating aspects of his life. Leaving behind an immense legacy, Twains influence on American literature and society is still evident today. He remains instantly recognizable by the people not only in America, but also around the world.Word count: 2,032

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1735 words - 7 pages don't you be uneasy; I know as much as any man can afford to know for a hundred and twenty-five!"#Anecdotes and funny bits like this are found throughout Mark Twain's writings. Mark Twain was one of America's most famous authors, writing books like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and other novels. His themes were universal, about everyday life and his writing style reflected it. Mark Twain wrote the great American novel.II.Mark

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730 words - 3 pages famous works, Huckleberry Finn, was also about the thrilling experiences of a boy and a runaway slave traveling on the river. Some of his novels like, The Prince and the Pauper, were not widely read at the time but are renowned stories now. Twain’s writings became more depressing towards the end of his life. The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead, The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg, and What is Man all had a cynical perspective on life[“Mark Twain,” Paula K

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1941 words - 8 pages society towards them. Mark Twain focused on the realistic nature of human beings. He mocked individuals, who attempted to change, in order to please the society and not because of their own accord. He mocks Miss Watson, when she attempts to invite religion in her life and portrays herself to be a pious lady, even though she still keeps African American slaves. Twain was open in his works. He was bold and was not bound by environmental

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1435 words - 6 pages Bixby (23). The influence of the greatest of American rivers permeates every phase of Mark Twain's development (23). As Twain observed himself he wrote: "I got personally and familiarly acquainted with about all the different types of the human nature that are to be found in fiction or biography, I generally take a warm personal interest in him, for the reason that I have met him before -- met him on the river." "Sam was always scribblin' when

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725 words - 3 pages Early LifeMark Twain was born on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri as Samuel Langhorn Clemens, the third of four children. He moved to Hannibal Missouri when he was still a young baby, however, and made that town famous when he became as well-known as he was in his later years. In fact, he used the people and places he saw growing up there in many of his books and short stories. In 1847, when he was twelve years old, Sam’s father died

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2340 words - 9 pages Throughout his writings and his life, Mark Twain earned a reputation as a cynical critic of Christianity, as illustrated by observation that "if Christ were here, there is one thing he would not be, a Christian." (Twain, Mark Twain s Notebook 328). In Twain's collection of letters and essays contained in Letters from the Earth, his writings include several letters which interpret different religions and the Bible. Excerpts from Adam's, Eve's and