A Biography On The Life And Works Of Chinua Achebe.

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Chinua Achebe, a famous Nigerian writer, writes African stories that re-create the old ways of Nigeria's Ibo people and recall the invasion of Western way of life on their traditional morals. Achebe's childhood life and life as a young adult before his writing career was an easy life compared to many of his peers, but this only came from hard work. Chinua Achebe's first and most famous novel 'Things Fall Apart' (1958), started his writing career. He wrote many other books including 'The Sacrificial Egg' (1962), 'Arrow of God' (1964), and 'A Man of People' (1966). Achebe wrote African stories that re-create the society that he grew up in. He told stories of Nigeria's Ibo people and he wrote about how the assault of the Western way of life effected the way they lived. Chinua Achebe, a well-known Igbo writer, is famous for his novels describing the effects of Western customs and values on traditional African society.Chinua Achebe had a different background than the average Nigerian his age. Many of his peers grew up in poverty, but Achebe grew up in a normal family. His father and his brother were both teachers. Achebe's father retired when Chinua was only five years old, but his brother kept teaching. When he was 12 Achebe left home to live with his brother. He later earned a scholarship to Government College, a secondary school in Umuahia. He became very well know in his village and was even called Dictionary for his knowledge of English. On another scholarship Achebe was educated in English at the newly founded University College at Ibadan. Like his father and his brother Achebe worked as a teacher for a short time. He later became a producer for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in Lagos. Achebe wrote his first novel when he was twenty-eight.Chinua Achebe started writing when he was young (twenty-eight years old), and he continued to write until he was almost over 60. 'Things Fall...

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823 words - 3 pages the changes brought upon his village because his whole life was focused on the traditional aspects of Ibo structure and unity. Colonialists forced their government and rules onto Ibo villages once they had made some groundwork in converting villagers. Missionaries first arrived preaching their peaceful religion, soon to cause a division in Ibo society. So in the end, the advancement of colonialism caused the weakening and unraveling of traditional Ibo society through the introduction of Western principles.Works CitedAchebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York NY: Doubleday, 1959.

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