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Julius and Ethel Rosenberg"THE ROSENBERGS"A dark American couple with few friends was executed for selling to the USSR secrets about the atomic bomb. Perhaps their judgment was a trap? Huge numbers of police had the special mission to watch the dark jail of Sing Sing in New York, before the dusk of Friday 19 of June of 1953.(angelfire.com) Inside, a group of six men of the FBI, equipped with two telephone lines to Washington, waiting in a secret location, with the hope that Julius Rosenberg or his wife, Ethel preferred to confess their activities of espionage to be executed. About 50 km to the south, a multitude of 7,000 people met in the Square Union of New York to mourn their death. (jewwatch.com) Outside of the White House, some requested to absolve the pair, the only Americans sentenced to death by espionage in the days of peace, while others carried ferocious and pitiless posters that said: "!Death to the communist rats!"After 112 judges participated in 23 appeals, including seven at level of the Supreme Court, the execution dictated two years before would be carried out. Because the hour of the execution, 23:00, was in the middle of the Jewish Sabbath, the foul action was postponed. When Julius was lead to the bright room of death shortly before 20:00, he was pale and weak. (angelfire.com) His knees shook when he saw the electric chair, but he did not say anything. He was quiet from his declaration that morning, that concluded thus: "Never let them change the truth of our innocence." After the usual electrical charges, he was declared dead at 20:06. Shortly after Ethel Rosenberg was executed in the same way.. They left two children, of 6 and 9 years old. (jewwatch.com)To J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, the Rosenberg case was "the crime of the century". Supposedly, Julius Rosenberg was the organizer of an espionage network, perhaps two, that allowed the Soviet Union to develop its own atomic bomb many years before they could have done it without help, changing therefore the balance of armed forces in the world. The past of Julius Rosenberg and Ethel Greenglass did not indicate that they were destined to international infamy. Both were born of poor families who struggled to subsist in the New York district Lower East Side during the worse years of the Depression. (angelfire.com) Because he was gifted intellectually, Rosenberg entered the City College of New York at the age of 16 years, taking on the career of engineer even though his father wanted him to be a rabbi. (jewwatch.com) Soon, angry by the German nazism and worried about the social and racial inequality in the USA, he felt attracted by the ideals of the Communist Party and abandoned his studies to be activist of Young Communist League.Meanwhile, Ethel Greenglass had drop out of school to work like secretary in a shipping company at the age of 15, with a wage of seven dollars a week. She was fired 4 years later for organizing a strike of 150 women, but her complaint before the...

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