The Health Benefits Of Producing And Eating Organic Foods

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What are organic foods? Organic foods are grown without any preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, drugs, and hormones. Organic foods are grown or raised with a method that differs from industrial food. Recently, the organic market has been booming because of the many benefits studies have shown for organic foods, in which it has a better nutritional value than non-organic and is better for the earth. The harmful toxics that derive with non-organic foods have been shown in studies to affect individual’s health and the environment. Therefore, consuming organic foods and using organic agriculture methods should be the direction to go in order to improve one’s health and sustain the environment.
Today, many people tend to go to the doctor for an examination and come out with the result that they are vitamin and/or mineral deficient, or have been diagnosed with cancer. In recent studies, organic whole fruits and vegetables have been shown to contain more nutrition and cancer fighting compounds than the conventional type. Scientist at Newcastle University researched organic fruits and vegetables and found the organic group, grown without out pesticides and harmful chemicals, to be “more nutritious” (Chang). As well, a group of researchers from Stanford University stated that organic produce contained more "phenols", which are "plant-defense molecules that in people help shield against cancer and heart disease” (Chang). Thus, showing that eating organic is beneficial for the body because of the extra vitamins and minerals, and the increased amount of cancer fighting molecules that that aids in preventing cancer and diseases.
In addition, organic meat is another food that aids society and the environment. Organic meat is livestock that has been raised without any growth hormones, drugs and antibiotics, and have been fed an organic diet. In order for the vendor’s meat to be called organic, it must also pass an organic certification process. To relieve any suspicion whether it is organic, certified inspectors attend the organic farms annually to ensure the standards are met (Flower). Processed meat is known to contain substances that helped the livestock’s body mass grow rapidly, and additives that extend the meats expiration date. Organic and non-organic meats have been researched to determine whether they affect individual’s health. According to a study done by Dr. Susan Ducket, compared both organic and non-organic beef and found that organic beef had more vitamins and healthier fats, named omega-3, and less of a problematic fat known as omega-6 (Hamerschlag). Omega-3 may not be a concern to people but it is indeed an import fatty acid that is import for normal growth and brain function.
Research by the WebMD staff, states that consuming omega-3 fatty acids reduces the chances of getting heart disease and ADHD, and relieves depression and inflammation (“Omega-3”). Incorporating organic meat shows to be beneficial to one’s health, in which it would...

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