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A Bite Of Surgery: The Vampire Facelift

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The vampire facelift is a procedure where a patient can rejuvenate their face without risky incisions. The doctor draws blood from the body and stores it in a tube. Then the doctor places the tube in the machine to separate the red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma in distinct layers. The plasma and white blood cells are extracted carefully into a needle, and this mixture is injected in the particular area in the face. The repairing elements in the plasma reconstruct the damaged flesh on the face. The new tissue has more collagen to promote new blood flow back into your face. Collagen are new rooms for the cells that are open and clean (“My Business”). The Vampire facelift is an injection of magical natural properties. The plasma is the main source of beauty in this case. What causes the repair factor in the plasma are the platelets, these are cells that contain stem cells to promote this rejuvenation. Stem cells are the main source of healing because they split or clone themselves to maintain the body’s health. These are like maids living in the human body and if they need more help they would go recruit more to make the job easier (Moye).
Humans’ main purpose of plastic surgery in the 1900s was to fix the injured soldiers in war. Plastic surgery became popular during the world wars. This field of surgery importance was treating and saving soldiers. At this period, plastic surgery was new and had a high chance of progress. At the first world war, many jaw and deep wounds were treated which lead to new experience and improvements
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for reconstructive surgery. Then the second world war came by which dramatically increased the number of experienced plastic surgeons, more educational backgrounds on doctors, and more people that desire to go under this type of surgery (Kalantar). As history progresses, plastic surgery becomes part of society and education is improved. Roughly 75% of the plastic surgeons now had a reconstructive practice and 25% had a cosmetic practice. While the future of plastic surgery hinges on both systems of clinical practice, an ideal workforce. In the United States, plastic surgery has been described as a specialty that is adapting, because many of plastic surgeons have decreased their presence in hospital reconstructive practices. Many surgeons spend more time in private offices and surgical centres to change the living standards of the future (Mclnnes).
Plastic surgeons tend to use Botox as a facelift, medically referred as Botulinum toxin, to smooth out fine wrinkles on the face. Botox is a neurotoxin and protein that affects the nervous system (“Botulinum”). When Botox is injected into the face, the muscle’s nerves are cut off which calms the muscle down. This way the muscles would release any...

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