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A Blissful Journey Of Life Essay

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It was a dark night of a rainy season. It was raining heavily with thunderstorm. Venkat with his wife Padma entered the Marriott Hotel of Miami as a tourist. The room was already booked in advance. They quickly completed the formality of checking in. As Venkat reached his hotel room, he was happy and contended. He was in his mid thirties, bright, young, cheerful, a Director in a reputed company and felt dignified to have reached a position where he could afford to be in such a luxury hotel. His wife Padma, a sweet, sheltered and youthful young woman of bright complexion in early thirty was a simple, fun loving, devoted housewife. It was their first visit to United States and they were happy ...view middle of the document...

They also got the return boarding pass for the next day. It was a huge cruise with swimming pool, casino and dining area. It also had duty free shops selling gifts, cosmetics, candies and perfume. They took heavy breakfast which was free for first class passenger and enjoyed the poolside watching people and the scene. They had their lunch and retired to their ocean view room. In the evening they spent their time in casino and played on a few slot machines. They had their dinner in the Garden Café, watched the staff performing renditions of Broadway hits onstage and then retired for the night. Next day, they docked at Great Stirrup Cay, a picturesque part of the Bahamas’ Berry Islands. They spent the day snorkelling, and stand-up paddle boarding. Day third was spent on Port Nassau, the country's capital city. They went to Blue Lagoon Island for swimming and sunbathing. Next day they returned to Miami. During rest of the fourteen days they remained in Miami, they visited world-famous South Beach, the historic Miami Beach of postcards and television fame. They used to grab something to eat at the sidewalk cafes and headed over to the open water for a visit to Miami’s wildest beach. They enjoyed the concerts held at the historic North Beach. The evenings were delightful. There was happy hour at the Bar in the hotel, they drank, ate and enjoyed the nights.

After fourteen days of their stay in Miami, they rented a car and proceeded to Orlando. They spent next three days in Orlando. On the second day of their travel, they visited the Magic Kingdom of Disney World. Even thought Disney World consists of four theme parks, i.e. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Center, and Epcot Center, they selected only one theme park to concentrate on one place. They enjoyed some roller coasters, parades, shows, and fireworks. They thoroughly enjoyed Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, Gatorland, and Wet 'n Wild Water Park. Next day they visited Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure. They spent a day exploring the historic Kennedy space center. They booked up a tour with Viator and it was worth it! The launch pad observation area, Vehicle Assembly Building and seeing the Apollo Saturn V complex were astonishing and life time experience.

It was the twentieth day that Venkat and Padma decided to move to New York. They went to New York and settled in Hotel Edison in Times Square in Manhattan. The hotel is situated in one of the most dynamic section of the New York City. For four days, they visited United Nation, Broadway theatre, Rockefeller centre, NY public library and of course the Time Square. For Venkat and Padma, it was just a dream come true. Coming from a middle class family from a small town of India, their first visit to USA was exciting and full of satisfaction. They roamed, did shopping, ate, drank and made merry as much as they could. Really, Manhattan never sleeps – and there’s no shortage of action: from the bright lights of Broadway...

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