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A Block Planning In Education Essay

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What does the average person do when they have so much to do and they do not feel like they have enough time to do any of it? Some people work well under the pressure and even succeed, but other people crumble and may leave some things undone. Many students have this problem. Education is not an area where students should feel rushed or fall behind in their work because they do not have enough time. Teachers can also feel the strain of time when they are trying to teach. Block scheduling is the answer for time management and optimization. Block scheduling allows more time in one class, fewer classes per semester, and the option to take a variety of classes if the student chooses to do so.
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) A student with four classes gets out of school at 3:30 and goes to bed at 10:00; if that student studies and does homework for hour per class that student still has about three hours leisure time. Whereas a student with seven classes has to study less for some classes, or lose sleep trying to get all homework and studying done.
In high school, students learn about themselves and who they want to become, and they have the option to choose the classes they take; when a school is on block scheduling, the students can take more classes for discovery as well as take the required classes. A serious student may want to take multiple Advanced Placement classes; if their school is not on block schedule he or she will not get to take as many. Other students may want to take classes that interest them: mythology and astronomy for example. The opportunity is there if the student wants to take it.
Despite all the advantages in having block schedule, there are views that believe it not to be so advantageous. Some critics believe that too much time in class can lead to boredom and fatigue. The students’ attention span is short and when exceeded will cause less interest in the topic and restlessness. Opposing views also say...

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