A Bloody Battle For The British At Kings Mountain

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The Battle of Kings Mountain isn't an account you hear much about these days. Why is this? The battle was very important actually. The Battle of Kings Mountain was definitely "unique". This battle was not only fought against the British, but against some Americans as well. The Battle of Kings Mountain changed the course the Revolution and even the course of our History. We should know about this battle because it changed our very lives. Where would we be today, if this battle hadn't occurred?It is said the thirteen colonies were saved from the war because of this battle. If the American forces had not attacked the camp on the mountain, there might have been only ten colonies. The forces that went against the rebels were probably not even going to be paid for going into this battle. Why did the volunteers still go after the rebels? Some people say that they were patriots who would do anything for their country. While this may be true, the volunteers pretty much had to attack. If they did not attack they would hae probably been destroyed later on. This is part of the reason that the people had to attack. Was the Battle of Kings Mountain important? I think very much so.Just who were these men attacking the rebel forces? They were men of little training. They knew that if they attacked, the rebels would very possibly destroy them. The volunteers still went into battle with these thoughts on their heads. They went convinced that they would probably be dead in less than two hours or so. These men that initially attacked were called the Overmountain boys of Tennessee. There were about 1100 of these men attacking the rebels. Later these men met up with better-trained men. They met up with about 1500 trained men and decided to attack once again.Exactly what happened during the...

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