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A Body Sensor Network Of Man Machine Communication: Quantum Cognitive Framework For Cancer Diagnosis And Responsive Therapeutics

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With the advent of next-generation technologies, a number of genetic (molecular)
markers have been identified as playing important roles in a wide range of disease phenotype
including cancers [2-8] and have thus significantly advanced our knowledge for human genetic
architecture. The Genetic markers with high or modest level of disease effect are being used to
find important clues about disease pathophysiology with underlying therapeutic intervention [9,
10]. However, a marker that is inherited with functional variant, near the functional region, but
with no specific functional consequences may have usefulness in disease prediction as well as
isolation of functional variant [9, 10].
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Over the last few years a number of electrochemical methods based on classic computing
and technology have been suggested as alternate protocols for the precise measurement of
molecular marker expression in preference to standard cancer diagnosis protocols [22, 27].
Quantum dot is one of the available technologies for the detection of biomarkers in the cancerinfected
part, cell-based application, and in vivo animal imaging [15-17]. To read out the specific
quantum state of molecular markers within living tissues, to develop possible solutions of many
fatal diseases, the high performance computing (HPC) techniques are widely being used. For
parallel information processing there are a number of HPC techniques are available such as
multicore programming, cluster computing and graphical processing units [28, 29]. In recent
decades, quantum computing has considered as a most promising area of research and
development for the parallel processing of information, due to its impressive features such as
superposition, entanglement and teleportation. Although simulators of quantum computing are
being developed using a number of different programming platforms, the fact remains that the
architecture upon which these simulators are being developed/executed is based on
classical/serial architecture [30]. For true parallelism quantum computers are being developed
based on concepts of quantum computing.
A body sensor network...

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