A Book Report Of Positive Discipline Mjc Child Development Book Report

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Alicia Cox
Child Development 121
Book Report #2
You Can’t Say You Can’t Play
This book is written in a story like format in the perspective of a teacher. This teacher has an experience involving magpies that help her become a better teacher and help her talk through a speech she was giving. She went back to her classroom to explain what she experienced to her class. Before she left to give a speech, she was upset about leaving the class. Vivian’s theory is that you can’t tell anyone you can’t play. She says this because children already come to a classroom scared and then once someone tells them they can’t play it puts them back into their shell they were trying to come out of. She explains this rule to her classroom and a child asks what else she does she replies by saying she also does not focus opinions on children and respects their ideas and listens to everyone. These are important things to do when working with children.
Upon returning from a vacation the teacher was now ready to reveal her idea “you can’t say you can’t play.” At first the other staff members were unsure if her logic would work. They worked with her though and find that rejection is a universal thing that everyone feels and they all agreed how horrible it feels. Their idea was to start first in Kindergarten, so that way it becomes a normal experience for the children. The reason why we say you can’t say you can’t play is to help with discrimination. This will help limit cliques and gender discrimination. This new rule will help all different types of children and helps creates safer more positive learning experiences for all children.
Once they start the rules she involves the children in the process and gives them examples. This allows the children to become more comfortable with the rule and also give in some ideas and inputs. The new rule helped create fairness for the children and helped with feel important. This helped avoid conflicts and helped with developing new relationships and friendships. This also helped the teachers out as...

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