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A Book Review About The Book Bachelorette #1called The Dawnign Of R Eality. It Talks Bout What Teh Central Theme Or Message That Teh Author Is Tryign To Get Across.

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The Dawning of RealityBachelorette #1 by Jennifer O'Connell is a story about Sarah, a love -stricken woman, and her determination to complete her expose for Femme magazine. As Sarah enters the world of reality television and seemingly forgets about her family back home, she eventually comes to realize the true meaning of life. One should take advantage of all the love and opportunities offered in order to live life to the fullest. As Sarah progresses through a critical period of her life, she struggles with her inner conflict of who she wants to be and who she has become.For instance, lives sometimes tend to be lived according to the dictates of society instead of the way a person actually wants to live. This struggle is hard to overcome because one often falls prey to the pattern of routine and forgets the true essence of life. As Sarah's husband Jack says, "I sometimes think we mapped our lives out like we thought they should be instead of seeing where they led us" (240). In the hustle and bustle of average American lives, the object of living is often forgotten. When Sarah becomes a part of a reality show, her personality undergoes a complete metamorphosis in her actions, dress, and relationships. When Sarah believes she has fallen in love with "the stag," she comes to the realization that she does not even know his favorite color, something she enjoyed finding out about her husband, Jack. She ultimatelyunderstands that she has taken for granted the wonderful life and people that she was blessed with.However, this inner conflict is best shown through Jack and Sarah's relationship that, like many...

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