A Book Review In Literature 3 (Luha Ng Buwaya) Amado Vera Hernandez

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I. INTRODUCTIONKa Amado was born on September 13, 1903 and died at the age of 67. He is the son of Juan Hernandez and Clara Vera. He began molding his brilliance in Gagalangin, Tondo, the Manila High School and at the American Correspondence School where he earned his baccalaureate degree in arts. Art was really his passion and maybe his fate. One proof was his matrimony to Atang de la Rama, the mistress of kundiman singing and sarswela acting. Aside from that, he was a well-renowned essayist, poet and playwright. In fact, he was awarded national artist in literature. He wrote a lot of poems, most of it tackles on human emotion while suffering from oppression. His "Isang Dipang Langit"(A Stretch of Sky) was inspired by his experience in prison and talks the same thing, the unbearable predicament of an individual socially discriminated. He'd worked also as a councilor in Manila and his concern for the people---for the working class grew into strong identification with their struggle for social justice and human rights.As a novelist, he didn't forget to showcase the lifestyle and the culture of a typical Filipino. One of these was his "Luha ng Buwaya"(Crocodile Tears) which had introduced the problems and cancers that Juan de la Cruz in the past and of the present is experiencing. The title itself originated from the European and Asian belief that a crocodile, before attacking its victim, cry first. And so the advent of the cliché "crocodile tears" which meant fictitious grief. The novel although based on real Philippine scenario is considered fiction, a product of the mind. What was just real here were the ideas and the characters portrayed by each of the actors and actresses. I mean, as to what I've stated, the story was set on Philippine context, so every Juan de la Cruz can be Leona or Severo, Andres, Tasyo or Bandong and Pina, Cely or Iska.II.PLOTA. SYNOPSISThe story is about seeking for right, justice and a fight against oppression by the characters who dwell in Sampilong. It focuses on the clashing of ideas between the poor and the elite. Andres, Maestro Bandong, Ba Enten and Mang Tasyo (all belongs to the former) were seeking for change, they wanted to resist against the inhuman treatment of what they described as "Buwayas" in the story-- Donya Leona and Don Severo. Donya Leona, the landlady of the poor farmers acts here as a greedy usurer-- a crocodile in the marshland, selfish and stone-hearted woman. With that, the farmers felt that this should cease and so they started to revolt, but on a slow and silent manner. They extended help to each other, exercising the "bayanihan" spirit through handicraft making and decent hut erection, thus, slowly uplifting their stature and transforming the slums into "Bagong Nayon". But as an evident villain (Leona) does all to stop the ongoing progress of the unfortunates, she claims to own the "Bagong Nayon" stating that it was a land given by the King of Spain to her father. This situation ignited...

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