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A Bookreport Done On The Novel Cat's Cradle Written By Kurt Vonnegut.

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Book Report: Cat's CradleThe title of this book is Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut and it is a genre known as dark satire. This book has a first-person major perspective, through the eyes of an author by the name of Jonah, who wanted to write a biography on the father of the nuclear bomb, Felix Hoenikker. But while he was doing his research, he stumbled upon a weird adventure which led him into becoming the President of the country San Lorenzo. Along the way, we see how a religion called Bokonon affected the behavior of several characters. Not only so, but we see how man's naturally tendency of selfishness and madness would end up as their own demise and sadness. Personally, I enjoyed this book since it used a very interesting and clever way to show man's true nature. The plot was quite enjoyable just as well, along with its unique humour. So I would definitely recommend this book to anybody.The story took place in several different cities, but there are two main places in which Jonah was most of the time; the country of San Lorenzo and the town of Ilium, New York. Ilium was an infinitesimal town, a place where everyone knew each other, the type of place where you can get from one end to another on a bicycle in no time. The only problem though was that it had a gloomy atmosphere to it. It wasn't like any normal small town, people do not gossip about one another, in fact, there was hardly any communication among civilians at all. They had their own privacy and didn't like sharing anything with anyone. In some sense, they seem to dislike each others. Each family seemed to be isolated from each other, just like the Hoenikker family, who had only talked among themselves and, other than a certain few, hardly made any friends with other people in the town. When Jonah was in this township, researching about Felix Hoenikker's past, he ended up interviewing Hoenikker's boss, Dr. Breed. Throughout the whole portion of the interview, Dr. Breed had constantly pointed out his dissatisfaction with the people in the town and how they didn't get along with each other. Soon though, the whole atmosphere eventually changed as Jonah traveled to San Lorenzo in search of Felix Hoenikker's son, Frank Hoenikker, who happened to be the major general of this island country. San Lorenzo was a much happier place compared to Ilium. Even though it was a third class country with much poverty, everybody seemed to be in unity due to religion. People had the same practice, way of life and belief island-wide. They respected and cared for one another.Overall though, I found the book to have a happy tone, mainly due to the satire used by the author. This story took place over a period of seven to eight months, starting from the point when he commenced his research to the point when he found Bokonon writing the last chapter in his book. I believe the story took place during the 1960's. The incident of the atomic bomb took place during the year 1945, and at that time, one of Felix...

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