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[Type the document title]| [Pick the date] 1Hello my name is sierra. I wrote this essay for my English class during 12th grade. I am currently in my second year of college and 20 years old.A Boy into a Man"The Excerpt from the Naturalist" by E. O. Wilson is telling a story about a seven year old boy's life. The story is relating his experiences together to show how they have shaped him into the man that he is today. As a young boy he had an embrace with nature as is shown by him observing as he had called it as a young boy a jelly fish which sparked his love and imagination for nature. His adventures grew as big as to try to see everything that was out in the sea no matter how big or small. As you are little though everything seems like it's a giant compared to you which gives you a greater since of the animal. As this interest went on he ended up being punctured in the eye and lost his vision in one eye and soon after he lost the ability to hear certain things. Even with this he said that he wanted to be an entomologist.The next encounter in his life was when he was eight years old. His parents were getting a divorce so they sent him to a military academy because they wanted him to have security but he said "that the divorce didn't really even have an effect on him." (The expert from the Naturalist, ) This military academy was basically a boot camp and "all dreams of languor and boyhood adventure vanished." (The expert from the Naturalist, 94) Here is where he learned to keep a tight schedule which gave him structure in his life, he learned respect for his elders, and the military academy left him with "images of a perfect orderliness and lofty purpose." (The expert from the Naturalist, 96) He came to feel as he belonged at the academy but" he always feared that he lacked their kind of courage." (The expert from the Naturalist, 97)Lastly is his since of religion...

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761 words - 4 pages The movie About a Boy was directed by Paul and Chris Weitz from the novel by Nick Hornby. The movie was about how a young boy named Marcus has to basically take care of himself without the help of his very depressed mom. Marcus then meet Will a grown man that has no responsibility and all he wants to do is to sleep with women. Throughout the movie Marcus helps Will out by becoming his friends and Will makes Marcus more like a kid his age

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614 words - 2 pages to himself as an island. He divides his days into units: Watching TV, buying records, exercising ... He wants nothing more than meaningless sex and he finds out that the best way to this is by dating needy, divorced single women with a child. Delighted with his new discovery Will joins a divorcee help group. But then a tragic event inhabits his island for good with Marcus, a 12 year old boy who decides that will might be the perfect man for his

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599 words - 2 pages and coming to an accurate and sensible solution. Achieving this self knowledge, allowed for Marcus to also consider that life isn’t easy, it is the opposite actually, and that his mother and father won’t always be there to bail him out, he will be responsible for his own actions. Throughout the novel About A Boy, Marcus comes into contact with many obstacles and conflicts, which aid him to attain self knowledge. Marcus understands the concept

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