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A Boy Named Donkey (Imaginary Folktale)

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There once lived a young boy in a little village called Sandio. He was not like other kids his age. He was almost nine feet tall and thought of himself highly. He was very lazy and had no respect for others. People called him a Donkey, because he was very big and stubborn. He slept in an old empty factory building beside his house, because he could no longer fit inside his old bedroom. He was always lonely and didn't get all the attention he thought he deserved.He loved to play with toys, especially with his little sister's dolls and toys. He would brake the dolls and fight with her constantly. He was very mean to her. He watched TV whenever he was bored and was always late to school. Whenever a teacher asked him something in class, he didn't know the answer. He always talked during class and never paid attention to anything that was said.Everyday he was held after school in detention, because he would bother other kids and say very bad things to them, which caused fights. He always failed all of his tests, and whenever he cheated the teacher caught him. He was a very bad boy. In addition, he never did his homework. When he was writing he made big spelling mistakes and was the worst in Math. When the math teacher asked him how much is one plus two, he said twelve. When a teacher asked him what an animal is, he just kept silent.Everybody at home was worried and kept telling him to study, but he didn't listen to anybody. There was nothing his parents, uncle, or even grandparents could do. Clearly, he could do almost anything he wanted to. He never worried about anything that he did. This was the kind of boy he was and nobody could make him change. His parents were always wondering what they did wrong while raising him. Everyone wondered what kind of person he would be when he grew up. Nobody knew. He didn't listen to anybody, because he thought that he was the smartest in the world, not to mention, the coolest!One day after dinner he came up with a way to get out of the situation. "I know what to do," he muttered to himself. He gathered up every book that he had and put them under his pillow for when it was bedtime. Donkey thought that before the sun came up all the information from the books would float into his head. He slept for a very long time that night.In the morning he woke up really late...

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