A New Framework For Counterterrorism Essay

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The United States has been combatting a threat that is trying to change our way of life. This threat is known as terrorism and is a problem for the U.S. and its territories. The threat of terrorism is the greatest threat to the American way of life since the end of the Cold War. The country has taken the threat seriously with an elaborate counterterrorism and intelligence framework. This framework is starting to become obsolete with how terrorist organizations are adapting to the tactics. With a new type of war against terrorism, there is a greater need to gather intelligence to combat this new form of terrorism. A new framework will take advantage of the United States full arsenal and perform at the highest standards. The more defined role for different agencies will simplify and advance our intelligence gathering and counterterrorism.
Agencies in Framework
There are four agencies that I believe are essential and vital in counterterrorism: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and Department of Defense (DOD). These agencies are the core to a new counterterrorism and intelligence effort and is coordinated through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). While keeping within the legal framework of the agencies in place, I look to improve the overall efficiency of the United States counterterrorism efforts. This propose is administrative in design, to better align these five agencies interests under the DHS umbrella.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plays a vital role in the intelligence community and in counterterrorism. They are the go to agency, when it comes to overseas intelligence gathering. The CIA is mandated for intelligence and field operations outside the United States and for protecting U.S. interests (Spindlove & Simonsen, 2010). Since it is the CIA’s job to gather intelligence outside the United States, they are better equipped to provide counterterrorism in other countries. The CIA works as an independent data collector; gathering information from around the world and processes it so the United States can understand the nature of threats they might be facing. The intelligence is attained through electronic devices or hands-on spying. The CIA is also able to infiltrate an organization in order to understand the operation and structure of that organization. The data is collected by any means possible and has become an important link in fight against terrorism.
The only problem with the CIA is that they are an independent agency. This independence will have to change in order to become friendlier with the other agencies in counterterrorism and intelligence gathering. The CIA needs to change from being an independent organization and evolve into one connected directly to the DHS. With the CIA role overseas, they can become the eyes and ears of the DHS in foreign countries. This will help CIA operators to...

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