A Brand Strategy Always Guarantees Success

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A Brand Strategy Always Guarantees Success

This essay intends to define brand strategy and if a brand strategy is possible for all brands. It will also look into the ability and level to differentiate between different kinds of products and look into how a brand strategy can bring success. Furthermore the essay intends to shed light on whether or not these themes are transferable to all products and services.

According to Trott (1998, p.365), ‘Brand strategy is the spearhead of the organisation's competitive intentions. It carries the company or product name into the market and shows how its positioning itself to compete.' A brand strategy is a tool used by companies to give buyers a reason to buy their particular product as opposed to other companies. In Baker 2000, p.24, Porter concludes that ‘Strategy is making trade-offs in competing. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.' Types of brand strategy include targeting, positioning, pricing, marketing communications (advertising and direct marketing), media allocation and customer services. Brand strategy is based around differentiation and added value. It is not to do with the product itself but instead focuses on non material things which surround the product: To reiterate, to differentiate the product would be to gain a competitive advantage. To achieve this advertising is often used, with studies showing the more the customer is familiar with the product or service the higher the differentiation between that particular product and others is.

Here we introduce the model devised by Pine and Gilmore which show the four stages of differentiation ‘commodities, easy to handle products, transfer products into services, create a product experience.' (Riezebos, 2003, p.19.) This model demonstrates that different products can be differentiated to various degrees, for example, with a commodity there is only room for a small amount of brand sensitivity in the consumers' opinion. Consequently, degrees of differentiation will have an impact on how effective a brand strategy can be. Commodities being the least effective and the ability to create a product experience being the most. Lets draw attention now to if, with variations of product sensitivity in mind can any product adopt a brand strategy? The answer is yes. Even the simplest product is differentiable. Take the example of a commodity such as hair clips. On the surface they will all be the same. However if you package them differently, advertise, insure good quality etc, differentiation is achieved making a brand strategy possible.

Moving on, we see that, Riezebos, (2003, p.20) suggests that ‘Consumers in different product classes are more likely to be influenced by a brand name than other product classes.' What is being said here is that depending on what product it is depends on how sensitive a consumer is to a brand strategy. If the consumer already knows what they want from a product it means they...

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