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In “A Wall of Fire Rising” Guy longs to escape his impoverished life and plummets to his death in the process. Guy’s actions are a symbol for the country of Haiti, where his desire for freedom emulates the desire once held by the controlled Haitians. Guy’s son shows the remnants of an old European way, and the social divide that is still prevalent, while Lili is the mother left to pick up all the pieces; just as the Haitian people had to continue with their difficult lives. His brief story summarizes a thirteen-year struggle by the Haitian revolutionaries, and portrays the downfall that can come when freedom is finally gained. As Haiti fell, so too did Guy, a fall from freedom back to the ...view middle of the document...

His opportunity arises, and like the revolutionaries, he takes his chance. He premeditated the flight as the Haitians planned their revolution, and he felt the glimmer of hope while he drifted into the air. The same hope that lifted the Haitian people when they saw their revolution working. The same hope that was crushed once freedom’s weight killed Guy, and the same hope that was squashed once Haiti again sunk into its third-world squalor.
Lili is left standing over her dead husband while Little Guy desperately recites his lines in hysteria. She doesn’t know why Guy jumped from the basket, just as the Haitian people didn’t know why their new leaders let the country fall. Freedom had been attained, but something went wrong. Life was about to sink away for Guy, but he couldn’t leave his family behind. He panicked and jumped; falling to his death in front of the very eyes he didn’t want to leave behind. Lili is left without support for her son, wedged even further into poverty by the loss of her husband. She is asked by the foreman of the sugar plant weather he should close Guy’s eyes, and she responds “No, leave them open…My husband, he likes to look at the sky.” (Denticat 239) Lili justifies his actions with this powerful statement, allowing his death to be one of meaning and value. Just because Guy never found his freedom doesn’t mean Lili has to accept defeat. The stability that Lili uses to remain strong lives also in the hearts of her people. Those people who still believe that Haiti can...

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