A Breif Description Of Hitler And Hitler's National Socialism

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World War II brings many names to mind; Eisenhower, Patton, Churchill, Stalin- but still, above them all, remains Adolf Hitler. He came from nothing and managed to become dictator of Germany. He turned a fragile democracy into a thriving dictation. He simplified hate, and made it easier than ever before. His obsession with the "Jewish Question," led to the death of 6 million people. A defeated, humiliated country turned its eyes and hearts to him. They feared him, but they also loved him, and in the end he cursed Germany for denying them his glory. "...although defeated, although dead, this man is frightening." (Elie Wiesel)Adolf Hitler, originally, had wanted to become a painter. After being denied into an art school, he joined the German army. In 1919 he joined the German Workers' Party. The name of the party was soon changed to the National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazi for short. He became chancellor of Germany in 1933. Completely legal and unquestionable, Hitler was now in charge of Germany. The people had voted for him because they hoped he would bring order to a nation suffering economic depression, mass unemployment, social disorder, and political instability. And he did. He led the fragile, weak, and feeble state of post WWI Germany into a proud economic powerhouse. It was an end to national humiliation.Being a part of a club or secret society has always had its appeal. People spend millions to be part of an elite country club....

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