A Breif Description Of Current Marketing Trends.

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Current Trends of MarketingBy: Rachel JonesIn my research, I have found that marketing trends has not changed much over the years in certain aspects; it has just heightened or become more influential; organizations' must do research in order to market successfully. The market mix focuses on the four P's- Product- is anything offered for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need, such as goods and services. Price- is one of the most flexible elements of the marketing mix. Unlike product features and channel commitments, this element can be changed quickly, especially in the short term through allowances and discounts. Place- is involved in making the product convenient for the target customers to purchase; and Promotion-. is some form of paid advertising of non-personal presentation and campaign of thoughts, goods, or services by an recognized sponsor. Specific media paraphernalia include magazines, newspapers, direct mail, television, radio, billboards, signs, and posters. Each of these facets plays a part as a variable in marketing strategy. Customer satisfaction is the source, and marketing is the first step to achieving this satisfaction. With so many products competing for the same customer, the marketing methods used have to be targeted well, show uniqueness, humor, or in some way make them easy to remember, without losing the point - the product. The marketing techniques, advertising, and promotion is what sells the goods.The success of an organization depends on awareness as to why and how customers behave as they do. Customer behavior can be characterized as the procedures a person takes in obtaining and using products and services. It is significantly important to continuously improve sales and communications skills. A successful business must listen to their customers; and understand their wants and needs. Every organization has the same objective; improve customer service, deliver more value to their customers in order to retain them, and find new customers without spending a tremendous amount on marketing.Sex, the number one trend that began sixty years ago still exist, when a beautiful young woman introduced the first windproof lighter and a new wave of advertising emerged - The Pinup Girl. She advertised everything from lighters to laundry soap. She even recruited for the U.S. armed forces (Parade Magazine; pg 6).Everyone loves sex, and it is everywhere in our society.When it comes down to marketing, sex sells on TV, magazines, radio, billboards, and in essence, anywhere you look today. People cannot get away from sex in advertising in view of the fact that as a result many companies use it. Sex appeals are used in advertising frequently, people love to look at it because "Sometimes people listen better with their eyes" (Steel 137). Sex in advertising is an effective technique that is used today. Companies benefit successfully because "sex sells" their product in our market. Of course, it has to...

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