A Brief Analysis Of Organizational Structures And Related Challenges

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Northside Hospital is a non-profit institution that is dedicated to the health and wellness
of the surrounding communities and assisting the people in those areas in living healthier and
stronger lives. To carry out such an endeavor, the hospital operates three large facilities and
numerous smaller clinics. Research has become a major component in the establishment of the
household name nationwide along with the notion of treating the whole man instead of just parts.
The hospitals consist of a diverse group of professionals that are strikingly skilled and
knowledgeable in their specific specialty. The infirmaries are governed by a board of trustees
consisting of chief physicians, managers, CEO and outside influential leaders (Shi & Singh, 2012).
The board periodically meets to deliberate about the operations of the ward and assist in
promoting growth in the direction set forth according to hospital guidelines (Shi & Singh, 2012).
Northside’s mission focuses on being a center of excellence in providing high-quality health
care. “We pledge compassionate support, personal guidance and uncompromising standards to
our patients in their journey toward health of body and mind. And to enhance the wellness of
our community, we commit ourselves to providing a diverse array of educational and outreach
programs,” (Northside, 2013). The reputation of the hospital is stimulated by unparalleled values
comprised of excellence, compassion, community, service, teamwork, progress, and innovation
(Northside, 2013). However, the Quality and Administrative Director pronounce a contrasting
culture that defies the values of the organization. More precisely, this particular department
functions without the utilization of the team concept. She describes the culture of the oncology
department specifically as covert and lacking accountability. The Director, Dr. Machuta, states
that the...

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