A Brief Analysis Of The Differences Between Native Indians And Blacks During European Contact

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European encounter with Indians and Africans has made a big impact on the shaping of todays North America, and Africa. It has played a major role in the history of these two continents. However, it is a history filled with sufferance, pain, and conflict that has had a negative outcome for the Indigenous, and African population. The two different nations both suffered from invasion of their land. Thus, they share similar resistant strategies towards colonization. However, the difference between these two groups is that the African nation also had to resist against slavery. Therefore, although these two groups share a similar experience in resisting colonization, Africans also had to deal with resistance towards slavery. European encounter was a shock for the Indians, and the Africans who were faced with invaders trying to settle, and claim their land. It is a natural instinct to try and defend what rightfully belongs to you. Therefore, it does not come as surprise that these two groups resisted to colonization the best they could. In their quest to defend their land, as well as their rights I found that these two nations used similar forms of resistance to colonial rule. One strategy they tried was to befriend the European settlers, and make them feel welcomed to their land (Out of Many Vol.1 pg. 14). This would portray the idea that they could live together in peace, thus, they would be able to keep claim to their land. Hence, the Indians and Africans treated their invaders with respect; they traded with them, worshiped them and treated them like Gods. One nation of Indians, the Aztecs, who lived in Mexico even believed the European Cortes to be Quetzalcoatl, a God returning home (Out of Many Vol. pg.13). Thus, as a result showered him and his followers with whatever gifts they desired (Out of many Vol. 1 pg. 13). The Indians and the Africans were very compliant to the demands of the Europeans for the sake of peace, and comfort on their land (Out of Many Vol. 1 pg. 41). Nevertheless, this did not seem to be enough to withstand colonization. The Europeans wanted to take claim of the land, and made several dishonorable surprise attacks on the Indians, and Africans killing many (Out of Many Vol. 1 pg.15). Hence, rebellions against the Europeans were another stronger form of resistance that these two groups used to defend themselves from colonization (Out of many Vol. pg. 24). They revolted by sudden attack on the Europeans killing priest, soldiers and men; as well as by torching churches and houses (Out of many Vol. 1 pg. 24). The Pueblo Indians revolted against Spain in 1680, it was successful and drove out colonial rule for approximately four-teen years (Out of Many Vol. 1 pg. 25). Strong Rebellions by the Indians and...

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