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A Brief Look At Islam As A Religion And What It Is All About.

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History of IslamIslam is a religion that was founded on the revelation brought to humanity by Prophet Mohammad. (570 C.E - 632 C.E) Islam was taught as the latest version in the ongoing religion of God which can be tracked back through Jesus to Moses and Abraham. Thus, Islam accepts Christianity and Judaism as the true religions that were sent to human-beings by God. Although this is the situation, teaching of Islam claims to supersede these other two important religions' truths with a new divine revelation. The word Islam comes from the Semitic root "slm" which means submission to a higher power or the peace that comes from that submission.Mohammad, the last prophet of Allah that means God in Arabic, was born in 570 in a small clan of Quraysh tribe in Mecca. In 610, when he was 40 years old, he began to have visions and in one of them, he saw angel Gabriel. Gabriel gave him God's first orders. After a while, Mohammad realized that he was receiving messages from God. He began to take these messages to the people of Mecca. Mohammad claimed of a one and a transcendent God which was not easy to be accepted by the clan of Quraysh, because at that time they were worshipping 365 idols that were set in a cubic building called Ka'bah. Ka'bah is believed to be built by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham.After 10 years, the Muslim community grew slowly and naturally tension increased between Muslims and non-Muslims who continued to worship the idols in Ka'bah. Pressures on Muslims came to an irresistible point. In 615, Mohammad sent some of his followers to Abyssinia, where the Christian King offered them refuge. In 622, Prophet and his 200 followers had to leave Mecca and go to Medina because of ongoing violence towards him and his followers. This event is called Hijra and marks the beginning of Islam as a religion. During the years in Medina, Islam grew quickly and it had followers migrating to this city from all over Arabia. There had been two important wars between the Quraysh tribe and Muslims which are known as Badr in 624 and Uhud in 625. Finally in 630, Prophet Mohammad and almost 10,000 followers entered Mecca without any resistance from the Quraysh tribe. All the idols in Ka'bah were destroyed and it was used for the worship of one true God, Allah. From that time Mecca became the center of Islamic Arabia.In the next two years, most of Arabia accepted Mohammad as their prophet and nominally became Muslim. On June, 8th 632, at the age of 65, Mohammad died leaving a great religion behind him. After the death of Prophet, system of caliphate period for Muslims began. Caliphate comes from the word caliph which means the successor of the Prophet. First caliph was the first male convert to Islam, Aba Bakr. After the death of Aba Bakr, Umar was declared as the second caliph. Uthman was the third and Ali was the fourth caliph. These caliphs were strongly related to Mohammad and they were first converts to Islam when Mohammad revealed the new religion to people of...

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