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A Brief Look At Managerial Accounting

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A day doesn't go by without Managerial Accounting in our capitalistic world we call, America. Whether we recognize it or not it's in our lives everywhere we turn. It can be seen in the company you work at to the fast-food chain you buy breakfast. Managerial Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and communicating information in pursuit of an organization's goals.An organization needs resources and people to carry out the activities. The management team of the organization must achieve the goals with the resources, people and activities. The four important roles of a management team is decision making, planning, directing operational activities, and controlling. These four activities are impossible without the information from the managerial accountant analysis. The information that a managerial accountant analysis provides can be used in making day to day decisions or long term decision making. Most of the data provided is financial but some organizations are also using substantial non-financial data. (Hilton, 4)What's the difference between Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting? Unlike Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting focuses on the managers within the organizations, rather than interested parties outside the organization. Financial Accounting is the use of accounting information for reporting to interested parties outside the organization. The outside parties are people like stockholders, lenders, investment analysts, unions, consumer groups, and government agencies. Financial Accounting and Manage-rial Accounting have some similarities despite their differences. They both gather data from the organizations basic accounting system. (Hilton, 4)They are different cost for different purposes. The meaning of cost can change when it is used in different context. Cost can be defined as the sacrifice made, usually measured by the resource given up, to achieve a particular purpose. The activity that causes cost to be incurred is called cost drivers. Activity refers to the measure of the organization's output of products or services. The most important classification of cost involves the way cost changes in relation to the change of activities within the organization. (Hilton, 8)Variable Costs and Fixed Cost are the most common Classification of cost. They are found in financial data from local farmer bookkeeping records to an accounting system of multimillion-dollar corporation's listed on the Dow Jones. Variable cost is the change in total in direct proportion to a change in the level of activity (or cost driver). The increase of cost drivers will increase variable cost. For example, if there is an increase in the orders of sandwiches that contain chicken at Jack in the Box by 3% then the variable cost will increase by three percent. Fixed cost as you guessed, it stays unchanged in total as the level of activity (or cost drivers) varies. If activity level goes up in the organization then the...

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