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A Brief Explanation Of The United States Government

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The United States of America is one of the most influential countries in the world economically and politically. Because of its size and reputation, it is vital for the US the have a stable and efficient government structure. The United States government consists of three branches designed to check and balance each others power. There have been times when a branch has overstepped its realm of power and been met with objections from the other branches. Each branch contributes to a different aspect of maintaining law and order and the overall well being of U.S citizens. For the most part, the three branches try to work together in harmony to serve the American people.
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Some presidents have attempted to skirt this rule and send troops before obtaining congressional approval which been the cause of much conflict with those who believe the president is overstepping his power. Although some may see the president as the most powerful part of the government, upon closer examination it can be seen that all three branches have important influence. Currently the president has the right balance of power among the three branches and is effective at coordinating the enforcement of the law, therefore no changes are need for the branch as is.
The second most thought of branch of government is the U.S Congress. Most people know that congress works to create and pass laws, but many don't understand the finer details of the process. The U.S congress is comprised of two chambers known as the senate and the house of representatives. To satisfy both large and small states, it was decided early on in American History that the senate would get two senators from each state regardless of size, while the number of representatives in the house of representatives would increase with the size of a state's population. This compromise guaranteed that both big and little state would feel adequately represented. Both the House and the Senate use a committee system by which laws are considered and edited by a small group of experts within the chamber before being considered by the entire chamber. A majority of both chambers must come to an agreement about a law before it can become law. The president has the ability to check the power of Congress by vetoing a law which requires it to be sent back to congress where it needs two thirds of both chambers to uphold it in order to override the veto. One step that might improve congress would be to make the pay more like that of other Americans. In 2012 the average annual wage in America was $44,321.673, while since 2009 most congress members have been collecting a hefty salary of $174,0004. It is not hard to imagine that at least some of the congressmen are in it for the money and do...

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