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A Brief History In Rock Music

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The reason why i have chosen this subject is following. You (Jonas Grönberg) told us basically to write about anything in English. Then I thought "o wait, here is a subject i know, so why not choose that to write about"A brief history in rock music. Ok when you read a brief history in rock music you might think in going to start writing how rock was invented in the slave culture. Actually no, im going to write about how Hard rock was invented and its impact on today's music and how modern Hard rock sounds like. I thought you who are a musician might find some of this interesting, and getting some pleasure reading it.During the time of the late 60s there was getting more and more popular to play harder and more aggressive rock music, the charts were still dominated by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. But for the moment this two dinosaurs were on there way down, they had been on top and done there thing so the music scene at the time were as always searching for something new something different. An important step was when The Yardbirds decided to break up after fuzz between band members Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. The Yardbirds was pretty much Jimmy's own band and now he was out of a band and he had a small tour which were just about to kick of. So what he did was using some temporary replacements which were just going to finish the tour whit him. But after a few gigs it was clear, the chemistry was just too good between this guys, Led Zeppelin was formed. Led Zeppelin climbed the charts by storm; Robert Plants aggressive vocals and Jimmy Page's mystic and fantastic showed the music scene into new directions. To play harder hand more aggressive became a phenomenon Deep Purple which was more of a pop band started to follow what was going on. But of all this fantastic riff makers there didn't a really heavy band exist.Tony Iomi Ozzy Osbourne Geezer Butler and Bill Ward contained a band called Earth. At the time were Tony Iomi working at this factory were in some section they cut metal. So during work Tony cuts of a piece of all his fingertips, this results in that he has to tune down the strings on his guitar. The result became a dark almost scary sound, Black Sabbath was born.There studio low right across the street from a movie theatre and they couldn't avoid seeing people going to see horror movies so Tony said "If people would pay to se horror films why don't we start writing scary music". At the same time did Alice Cooper introduce him to the world; his thoughts were to make a show out of it all. The following years were dominated by Led Zeppelin Deep Purple and Black Sabbath around the time (71-75) was Led Zeppelin announced to be the biggest band in the world (bigger than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones).But as the way it always goes whit a new music style did this bands start to go down in the chats and the youth started a search for something new. By the time of 76 of 77 did a whole new music style introduce itself to the world....

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