A Brief History Of Apple And Why I Would Sell My Apple Stocks

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Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976. The company's initial goal was to create and sell individual computers for consumers. Steve Wozniak acted as the primary inventor for the computer when the company was at its infancy. Wozniak was the creator of the Apple I the prototype for the computer which consisted of an assembled circuit board. Apple II further advanced the computer which included color graphic, making it the very first computer to come pre-assembled. The changes made it more desirable for a larger group of consumers which soon began demanding more and more of the product. However, competition grew quickly with the creation of computers by companies like Microsoft which began to saturate the market with their own version of the computer. Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 , unlike the Apple computer, was operable with any computer type which caused a drop in sales for Apple. Yet, Apple was able to create a computer of high quality in the form of the PowerMac, an extremely fast processor, making it the best computer in the market. Once again, the company Apple rejoined the race to create the latest product deeming it a major competitor. Apple is now credited to be one of the largest technology companies in the world.
Today, Apple creates and sells much more than computers. Apple has released the popular digital music players (iPod) replacing the older mp3 players. The company owns the online music store, iTunes, available for all its many products including the iPod in all it’s generations (versions) from the first generation iPod scroll wheel released in 2001 to the seventh generation touch screen iPod nano released in 2012. Apple has also revolutionized the phone in it’s many generations of iPhones. The iPhone 4s, a younger generation of the iphone, is a touchscreen device that can send texts as well as phone calls and can access the internet from anywhere as long as one has service. The iphone can also download apps (applications) using the iTunes store in the form of games, live communication devices (facetime), weather, business etc. Another popular device Apple has been producing is the iPad. The iPad is basically a portable computer that can access all the features offered in the iPad and iPhone. The iPad also gives the consumer the opportunity to choose to connect with wifi to access the internet or to buy a plan that allows you to have wifi anywhere you go as long as you have service. However, Apple has not stopped producing nor improving their computer. In fact, Apple created the MacBook Pro, with Retina display which is six times faster than the older generations of Macbook Pro’s.
Some major competitors Apple has include Samsung and Google. Samsung has proven to be Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone business as it usually sells more smartphones than Apple and may begin to compete with the iPad market in the form of their Galaxy tablet. Samsung’s P/E ratio or price per earnings ratio is...

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