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A Short History Of Baseball. Essay

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The history of baseball deeply embedded in the folklore of American sports is the story of baseball's invention by a young West Point cadet, Abner Doubleday, in the summer of 1839 at the village of Cooperstown, New York. Mostly a Northern and Midwestern phenomenon, baseball fever ran highest in the New York City area, where in the 1850s, games were being played "on every available green plot within a ten-mile circuit of the city." Spearheading the baseball boom were formally organized clubs with officers, clubhouses and playing grounds. The Popularity of baseball grew and grew with the help of many factors.There are many leagues for professional baseball. Oklahoma City owns a team in the Triple-A league called the Redhawks. I have attended many baseball games at their fairly new stadium, the Southwestern Bell Ballpark. It is located in "Bricktown" in downtown Oklahoma City.Baseball was born in the northeast and continued to diffuse toward the west slowly but surely. Baseball spread both contagiously and hierarchically. The Civil War helped push baseball along as different companies would play each other in their spare time and in all sections of the country as soldiers in both armies played the game in camps and in prison compounds. After the war, the soldiers would bring the game back home with them and teach it to their friends and family. Later, after professional baseball had begun to make its dent on the American society, teams had started to move from the northeast to cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Cleveland. These teams had owners who were verywealthy and many times owned more than one...

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