A Brief History Of Capital Punishment

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Living in a world where more than 10.1 million people are held in penal institutions, many countries have decided to go for a more cruel kind of retribution. Capital punishment, one of the many subjects in which several points of view have been expressed, has always been an issue concerning human rights. Whether a man should punish another by taking away his life or keeping him in jail is basically what most people are concerned about. Being entirely useless, cruel, and sometimes even unjust, Capital punishment should be abolished.

Capital punishment is a legal process in which a person is put to death as a punishment for a committed crime. Capital punishment has always existed in many ...view middle of the document...

But isn’t this way of punishing, a murder itself? “When you use murder to end murder you guarantee murder will never end.” wrote Richard Sherricky. By ending the criminal’s life, he would be freed from any kind of suffering. The criminal would only be suffering during the few moments preceding his execution. What about the punishment then? Although imprisoning the criminal for the rest of his life would mean depriving him from his own liberty. This option is a less cruel one, but it will make the criminal suffer more considering he’s suffering throughout a longer period of time. The fact that suicide is a very common thing for most of the prisons in the world shows how unhappy prisoners are with their lives: “Of the 3,232 prison deaths in 2010, 215 (6.7%) were suicides”, stated HLN. (Anna Lanfreschi,, How common is suicide in prison, Paragraph 1). Isn’t this enough of a proof to show that prisoners would rather die than live in prison? Even if they did die at the end, they were the ones who took away their own lives, not any other stranger who should have no right in doing so. “But secondly you say 'society must exact vengeance, and society must punish'. Wrong on both counts. Vengeance comes from the individual and punishment from God.”, stated Victor Hugo (Victor Hugo, The last day of a condemned man). One should not punish a criminal by committing a crime, which is taking away his life. This is why imprisoning the person for the rest of his life is far more a better and less cruel option.

Capital punishment may be a very cruel option, but using it in order to stand up for another kind of evil itself, makes it rather fair than cruel. “The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
-Albert Einstein. Capital punishment is also another way of saving the world from additional evil by removing dangerous individuals from society. Why keep a being in which this sort of evil already lies in? If a man was this courageous into committing any horrible kind of crime deserving this sort of punishment, then he should in no means have the right to be forgiven. “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.” Said Adam Smith (Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments, Section 2 chapter 3): by abolishing capital punishment, Government would be giving a second chance to every criminal out there, would that be fair enough for the innocents? What about their second chance of living? If capital punishment were to be abolished, the government would be standing on the side of the criminals rather than that of the innocents. For example, the US, in which 35 states allow capital punishment, the number of executions since 1976 arrived to 1,348 (NAACP LDF “Death Row, U.S.A., Gallup Poll, Bureau of Justice Statistics).This means that the people of the US have been saved from more than a thousand of dangerous criminals. Doesn’t that make any difference? For the sake of the...

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