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A Brief History Of Russia Essay

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For as long as history was made, Russia has been portrayed as a very conservative and totalitarian country. It’s gone from Russia to the Soviet Union and then back to Russia, but throughout history, people’s rights have always been limited. The majority of people in Russia have been content with the rules that Czars or presidents have made throughout history but there is always a minority that decides to step up and fight for their rights like their sexual orientation. In June 2013, President Putin created a law against “nontraditional relationships” which in modern day terms means, no homosexual relationships. This law denies gays all their human rights including marriage. Reading about ...view middle of the document...

As time went on, the effects of the anti-gay laws, were making life harder. These laws even started to merge into another country. Earlier this year, the Ukraine went under fire not only for the issues in Crimea but also, with their anti-gay laws. For years they’ve been linked to Russia not only because Russia use to control parts of the Ukraine, but also because some Ukrainians want to be like the Russians. The country is mixed because parts of it were once under control by Russia during Stalin’s time. With their affiliation with Russia, they too, have been labeled as an anti-gay country because of it influences from Russia. Vice President Biden has even linked Russia’s anti-gay laws with the invasion of Crimea(CNN). He’s said that “a country that doesn’t respect people’s right, won’t respect a country’s borders.” The European Union at first, didn’t acknowledge the Ukraine’s new lifestyle but as they kept getting backlash, they finally gave in. Since the backlash, the European Union has been stepping in so the Ukraine doesn’t end up like Russia.
Even though officials in Russia say that everything is fine and that people it’s not illegal to be a homosexual, there are sources that say otherwise. A documentary was made to show the effect of the anti-gay laws are having on homosexuals. The film was called, Young and Gay in Putin’s Russia. It was released by Vice and gay rights campaigning group Stonewall, Guryanov and other LGBT Russians come together to warn the world that they do not feel safe. In the film, gays say that because of the new laws, there has been an increase in violence, arrests, suicides, and the proliferation of vigilante groups in Russia, who want to hunt out LGBT people online. It shows how hard life really is for gays. They have their own taxi companies, self-defense classes, and have to live alongside law makers who compare same-sex unions to a “union between a man and a horse,” a “man and a goat” or a “man and a table”(Sarah Morrison). It is still legal to be homosexual in Russia but from looking at how gays are being treated, people would think that they have a disease.
With all eyes on Russia and debate surrounding their new anti-gay laws, there has to be a way to get Russia’s attention. There’s a saying that says when you point fingers...

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