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A Brief History Of The Vietnam War

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Nick Lopez

U.S. History II

Mr. Chamberlain

April 25, 2014

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war started in December of 1956, and lasted until April of 1975. The war was between the U.S., and Vietnam. This war was a very gruesome, and tragic war. In Vietnam their leader Ho Chi Minh came back after a 30 year trip to explore around the world. When he returned his country was occupied by two major countries, Japan and France. Ho Chi Minh had a plan to run them out of his country, but he needed the U.S. for it to work. U.S. was still in the Cold war with Russia and there was fear of communism there. So the U.S. decided not to help Vietnam and send military aid to help the French and Japanese forces, in order to stop communism. Thus begun The vietnam war!

The first major battle in the war was the Battle of AP Bac. It started on January 2nd, 1962. AP Bac was a village in Dinh Toung Province. The battle resulted in a ton of deaths and a much stronger South Vietnamese group of troops with American assistance in weapons and planning. The next major battle was the battle of La Drang Valley. Battle of Ia Drang was the first major battle between regular U.S and People’s Army of Vietnam troops. It began on October 6th, 1965. La Drang Valley battle was considered essential as it set the blueprint for tactics for both sides during the conflict. This battle ended November 27th, 1965. The third major battle in the Vietnam War was the battle of Khe Sahn. The battle of Khe Sahn started on January 21, 1968. On that date when Vietnamese troops began a heavy artillery bombardment on the U.S. Marine garrison at Khe Sanh. This battle was the longest and bloodiest in the Vietnam war. This battle ended April 9th, 1968 after 77 long days of fighting. The next battle was the Tet Offensive. It began in late January, 1968. While the U.S. and South Vietnamese were focusing on Khe Sahn, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops launched the Tet Offensive, a series of aggressive and coordinated surprise attacks on over 100 major towns and cities throughout South Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was, indeed, a massive military defeat for the North communists. The battle ended in March of 1968, thus began the battle of Hamburger Hill. It started on May 10th, 1969. This battle was known as Hamburger Hill due to its grinding nature as a reference to a similar battle called The Battle of Pork Chop Hill during the Korean war. Some consider this battle as a turning point for Americans in the conflict as it became more and more unpopular at home. Many American people felt the Battle of Hamburger Hill as a pointless battle in a meaningless war. This battle caused a lot of anti war protests. The final major battle was The Fall of Saigon. The key victory in Xuan Loc opened the way for PAVN to encircle Saigon. The ARVN had around 60,000 troops left for the defence of the capital. However, most of them either joined the mass exodus getting out of the city or were too battered and...

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