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Learning to Speak and Read a Foreign LanguageHave you ever sat or stood near people speaking Spanish and get the sneaking suspicion that they were talking about you? No, you're not paranoid. In fact, you're probably right. There is only one defense that will allow you to defend yourself from being the victim of that feeling: learn the language.Learning a foreign language isn't as difficult as it's made out to be. Actually, English and Japanese are ranked as the two most complex languages in the world today, so no matter what language you chose to learn it's probably simpler than the one you speak currently. In its early years, the human mind is like a blank computer hard drive in respect to language. Programs are loaded quickly and are experimented with at a fantastic rate. Unfortunately, as the machine gets older its capabilities become less and less efficient, warranting the expression "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I have devised a method of learning a foreign language (Espanol) which I have begun to learn from that requires only a tape recorder, cassette tapes, paper, TV and a DVD player.Learning to SpeakStep 1: Audio/TranslationThe first step to learning any language is to learn how to speak it. Attempting to learn to read a language is about as wise as pissing against the wind: it's possible, however it tends to be a bit messy. Therefore the first step includes simple conversations and written English translations. If you are unable to make such a recording yourself, the "Living Language" courses provide the same service.There are two reasons for starting this way. The first is that mispronunciation is out of the picture, provided, of course, that the recorded people are speaking correctly, and the second is that the grammar sinks into your mind with practical experience. Proper grammar will come naturally to you when you start learning it through books.Step 2: Video/AudioThere are two phases of the second step. During the second step its time to plug in the TV and Digital Video Disc (DVD) player. This step makes up for everything that the first step cannot do. In the first step only the proper usage is learned and is done so slowly in order to facilitate learning so that the addle-brained may feel a sense of accomplishment. The second phase focuses on speed and slang, both of which are necessary to function in a society that speaks that particular language. You may have read about the foreigner that didn't know what tailgating was, that is a prime...

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