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A Brief History Of Hard Rock

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The music industry has many different genres, to suit a multitude of listeners; but, the most popular is rock. Rock has numerous genres within itself, including; heavy metal, hard rock, arena rock, and many more. The most popular genre would be either heavy metal or hard rock. They are both very similar in “taste” with the only differences being what the music is about and the pitch of the music. Heavy metal is typically about the “darker” things in life and it will have an overall deeper pitch to it. While, hard rock is considered “good-time music” and contains a multitude of different pitches.

Hard rock really began in the 1970’s; but, is rooted from the music of the mid-1960’s; such as, garage rock, blues rock and psychedelic rock. Hard rock was started when both British and American bands began to add a greater blues influence to their music. This in turn added harder, deeper and overall louder tone to their music. A few of the first hard rock bands were The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Kingsmen. These bands had slowly converted their music from the classic soft rock, with acoustic instruments and a greater emphasis on vocals, into hard rock, with a greater emphasis on the instruments. Near the end of the 1960’s more and more bands began to play this new type of music. Some of the bands had taken this change to the extreme and actually defined heavy metal; such as, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin. But, most of the bands continued to play hard rock, “The good time music”. The 1970’s were known as the expansion period of hard rock. By this time every rock band had made their music at least a little “heavier”, in order to remain “afloat” in the changing music industry. Throughout the early seventies the bands Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and others moved toward the blues / hard rock genre and stayed there. Others emerged, such as; AC/DC, Aerosmith and Foreigner. These bands along with the others that had risen from this time period are still around today and have millions of fans. The 1980’s had brought with them a new era of hard rock, the glam metal era. During this period many of the hard rock bands of before had broken up and only a few remained. The remaining bands changed their style of play even more, toward the heavy metal scene. This in turn allowed the creation of the punk metal genre and the development of the heavy metal scene. Within this new era several bands had changed their appearance along with their music. Kiss had removed their, famous, makeup and moved toward the pop/punk genre. Near the end of this era all of the surviving artists had either stayed with hard rock or jumped on the new, popular, heavy metal bandwagon. Within the 2000’s many of the band had come to end and were forced to separate because most people had fallen for the heavy metal genre and were no longer interested in just heard rock. To this day a few bands such as AC/DC and Foreigner are still holding sold out concerts and completely...

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