A Brief Review On 1935 James Whales' "The Bride Of Frankenstein"

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The Bride of Frankenstein"The Bride of Frankenstein" was made in 1935 as a continuation of "Frankenstein" of 1931. The film started with the camera panning toward the window, shooting the storm of lightning and thunder. It was the house of Lord Byron and with him were the poet Shelley and his young wife Mary Shelley. She was the novelist of Frankenstein and in the room, she and Lord Byron were talking about her novel. Then scenes of the "Frankenstein" were played to remind or briefly introduce the audience of what happened. Shelley commented on how immature Mary ended her story and Mary argued that the story hasn't ended and she began telling the story of "The Bride of Frankenstein". Therefore, the story was told by a third person narrator-Mary.What makes Frankenstein such a special and unforgettable character was that he was created as a challenge to God's power of creation. The story of Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein are more than stories about mad scientist and monsters but "a philosophical consideration of a man who defied God's natural laws and sovereignty by daring to create life."(filmsite.org) What's more, the characters of the monsters were able to draw sympathy from the audiences that they were brought to the world unwillingly to suffer loneliness and cruelty of human.Throughout the whole movie, the personality of the monster Frankenstein was illustrated very little by dialog but by action. For example, in the forest scene, the monster saw his own reflection on the pond of water, he cried and strike the water so to blur his reflection. These simple actions would better indicate his low self esteem and anger towards his appearance than if he kept talking to himself complaining which would make him looks like an idiot. In the scene where he met the blind man in the woods, his gentle action and friendly facial expression suit best the atmosphere. Both being handicapped in a way, the slow movements and quietness depicted a peaceful friendship between...

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