A Short Story Based On Mac Beth.

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Modern Version of MacbethOnce he arrived in Miami, Tony Montana started looking for a job. He needed money any way he could in order to support his wife. He wanted to have a nice life unlike the previous one he had in Cuba which was very poor and struggling to win some money to eat. Montana believed that if he had already escaped from Cuba he already had began to accomplish his dream to become rich.He started out applying for a job as a dish washer but was not satisfied after 3 months because he was living in the same conditions he had been living in Cuba. He could barely pay the rent for his small apartment and bring food home every night for him and his wife. One night, he was walking home when he saw a guy on the street all beat up and almost unconscious. Feeling compassionate he helped him stand up and took him into his house.Lady Montana helped him by giving him a soup and they sewed up his cuts."Why are you helping me" - the man asked Montana."I try to help whoever I can help because those people will be grateful to me and become my friends and the most powerful man is the man with the most powerful friends.""So you want to be powerful" The man asked Montana."Yes, I am waiting for a job that will help me achieve it.""In gratitude of your kindness, I will give you a job by my side, it is a dangerous job but it is the job that will give you riches and power the fastest. Are you willing to take that risk?"Montana nodded and the man continued on."My name is Nick Smith and I work for the most powerful man in the southern part of Miami, Louis Escobar, we buy imported drugs from Colombians and then we sell them to distributors."Montana started having second thoughts because he could get caught and could spend the rest of his life in jail but his Lady immediately encouraged him to take the job."It's an opportunity you can't let go by." she said.Montana finally agreed and Nick left his house with Montana's number, assuring to call him when he was needed.Two weeks later, Nick called Montana and told him to meet him at a close-by restaurant. Montana went there and found Nick with two other men. Nick explained to him what they were about to do."We are going to go in the apartment 5A in the building across the street and we are going to buy 2 keys of cocaine from some Colombians, if were not out in 15 minutes then something's wrong, go in and shoot up the place with this machine-gun."Nick and the two other men went into the apartment and Tony waited nervously. Each second went by slower and slower. He counted each of the 900 seconds he waited staring at his watch. He didn't want to have to go in there. When the time was up, he got the machine-gun and went up the stairs, he was terrified. He busted the door open and he found the two other men that were with...

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