A Short Play On Adolph Hitler.

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THIS IS YOUR LIFE-ADOLF HITLERWorld War 2 Script PlayD = DeanDean = IntervieweeR= RoshanRoshan = HitlerJ = JustineJustine =Eva BraunK = KarenKaren = JewI = InashkiInashki = Geli RaubalD- Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm Mike Monroe and you are watching This is Your Life. Tonight, instead of surprising unsuspecting Australians, we would like to reveal a life story of Adolph Hitler, and how he is a big part of our history. Of course, most people think that Hitler was a man who could do great things, but it was evil greatness that he achieved. But to most people of Germany, he was their hero, particularly after their lose of World War One. He wanted what was best for his people, but his actions turned down Germanys dream of territorial and colonial expansion. From Frederick the Great through Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm the Second, Germany had an aggressive, expanding power. Hitler's hubris shattered this vision of Germany forever. But now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the woman who managed to win Hitler's heart, Eva Braun.(Applause, Justine walks in, Dean stands up to greet her)D- Welcome, Ms Braun. I understand that you and Adolph Hitler were husband and wife. Would you like to share with us your own experience of living with the man that sent a tremble of fear through so many lives?J- Good evening. Yes, my relationship with Hitler was one that I would never forget. I first met Adolph when I was just seventeen through a friend of his, Heinrich Hoffman. I soon fell in love with him, and it wasn't long until he started to take me out for drives in his Mercedes. A year after I tried to kill myself Adolph bought me a villa in Moonik and he also got me a Mercedes and chauffeur. He really loved me.D- So why is it then that even though you felt so completely in love with him that you attempted suicide again in 1935?J- I felt completely over whelmed with the situation and I felt like everything that I believed in was falling apart.D- How is that so?J- Well, with all that was happening to Germany and the way in which everything was happening all at once, I felt like I needed an escape route and death was the only option where I was able to truly hide from it all.D- Ah, I see. So, Ms Braun, after all this has happened, what was your life like with Hitler afterwards?J- Reasonably, I moved into Hitler's House in 1936 at Berchtesgaden. I felt very much isolated from him. A lot of Germany hardly knew that I existed at all. We never went out together, we never went to any dances or any operas like other couples. It was a shame, but I had to accept it. I mean, I tried not to get involved with all of my husbands political views. I had to occupy my time mostly with exercising, Adolph had strong views on what a women was supposed to look like, reading, although hardly ever the newspaper, and of course watching romantic films.D- Now, at the time you first met Hitler, he was living with Geli Raubal. Did you feel guilty about what happened to her at the...

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