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A Brighter Smile: 12 Steps To Achieve This

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A smile can bring so much positivity to someone’s life. Aside from alleviating the mood of the person giving it, it could also positively influence the recipient of the simple gesture. A smile is like a ray of sunshine that can turn a mundane day into a great one. But what if you have a smile you’re ashamed of showing to the public? Yellow and stained teeth may prevent you from flashing that big smile and stopping you from reaping the benefits it brings. So how can you have a brighter smile? Follow these tips:
Food and Drinks
There are certain drinks to avoid when it comes to making sure your teeth stay healthy and pearly white. To keep your teeth white be sure to follow these:
1. Avoid dark-coloured drinks. These include sodas, red wine and coffee.
2. When drinking coffee be sure to add cream or milk to change the chemistry of the drink and prevent it from sticking on the tooth.
3. When drinking dark-coloured drinks be sure to brush your teeth afterwards.
While there are drinks to avoid, there are also food that can help keep your teeth white. Be sure to always include these in your grocery list:
4. Strawberries have a natural enzyme that works like a natural bleach and they can help whiten the teeth. Be sure to include this in the diet.
5. Apples, pears, and carrots produce saliva that can help remove bacteria on your teeth and can also help whiten them.
6. Broccoli, celery and other dark green veggies can help prevent stains on the teeth. These vegetables have minerals that can help form a film on the tooth that can act as the protective layer.
Dental Hygiene
In order to have good dental health and to always have a bright smile it is essential to maintain a good dental hygiene. These may be small things but they contribute to making your teeth healthy and white.
7. After eating ritual – Make it a habit to swish water in your...

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