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In the book, The Stranger, Albert Camus uses the relentless sun as a symbol for feelings and emotions, which Monsieur Meursault cannot deal with. The symbolism of the sun is present throughout the book, which shows the significance of the sun. The sun is a diversion from the everyday life of Meursault, and he is unable handle it, which makes his emotions take over instead allowing his mind to take control of his life.
The sun introduces a problem to Meursault at his mother's funeral procession. Before the procession begins, Meursault speaks about the sun, calling the sun "inhuman and oppressive (Camus, 1.1.24)." Meursault has shown no emotion towards the death of his mother, and he directs ...view middle of the document...

The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes." The descriptive imagery forces at Meursault's emotions, causing him to fire and kill the Arab with the revolver, of which he had taken away from Raymond at a previous point. The problem is made worse; when he fires the revolver four more times to make sure the sun has disappeared and will not come back.
In prison, Meursault changes his perspective of both the sun, and on his view of life. Meursault was first introduced to the relentless sun at his mother's funeral procession. Then, the sun took his emotions over and led him to murder another human being. However, in jail, Meursault realizes that the sun as well as life is warm and friendly. He discovers that meaning is assigned to life by your own will and how the sun is not there anymore to cover up his emotions anymore. In prison, Meursault praises the sun excessively. He says, "I moved closer to the window, and in the last light of the day I gazed at my...

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