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A Business Plan For Precision Auto Detailing

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AbstractChad and Kyle decided to buy a local auto detailing business, Precision Auto Detailing because they were not getting enough out of there current jobs. They started out with a invested $6,000 that got them started with the basics; tools, a building, a few established customers, and two employees that the previous owner had hired. Chad and Kyle started making calls and drumming up business. They maintained quality work and customer services, as well as having competitive prices, causing them to generate a good reputation. In eight months they had grown enough to need some new equipment, and were in need of a loan.(Toosi, 2009) In this paper a business loan is explained and outlined, and advice is given about the best ways to go about getting a loan.IntroductionChad and Kyle decided to buy a local auto detailing business, Precision Auto Detailing. The new owners created a lot of new business and now they need a loan in order to get some new equipment.(Toosi, 2009) A business plan is a very important aspect of having a successful business, and getting financial support from banks or other investors.Business PlanThe reason Chad and Kyle need a business plan is because bankers need assurances that there investment will make money, and that is made in a timely manner. A business plan is an explanation in writing of the effort that the company plans on using and the procedures that will be implemented for the business venture to be successful. A business plan is an explanation in black and white of the companies business model.Outline of the ElementsI. Organizational planA. Profile of the Company1. Name, location, and business hours2.Services that are provided3. Number of Employees4. Annual sales figuresB. Our management team includes Chad Frank and Kyle Carson.1. Background of key personnel including2. Strengths of management team3. Details regarding Management and their performanceII. Marketing planA. Name your objectives1. Explain how your going to achieve your goals2. Explain why achieving these objectives will make the company successfulB. Marketing Analysis1. Define the companies target market.2. Explain industry and customer trends for your market3. Identify the competitionC. Marketing Strategy1. Give a general description of your market strategy2. Describe the method of sales ( store, pick up and drop off services, any off site work)3. Explain the competitive pricing4. Describe the sales strategies5. Public relations, loyal customer base6. Explain how the strategy is implemented, describe the individual responsibilitiesIII. Financial planningA. Financial need1. Why you need a loan2. The amount of money needed.3. How the money will be spentB. Budget1. Pro forma cash flow...

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